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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone! It has been a while, starting a company is a lot of work. I am back and need your expertise. Back in December I posted a thread called "How Do I Fix This?" Basically I accidentally got a stroker rod and my pistons are sticking out of the cylinder 5mm at top dead center. So a user told me to get Wiseco 795 series pistons and that will solve this problem. My next question is; do I need a spacer for this build? I read around a bit and I am getting mixed reviews. I really appreciate you guys and all of your help! I reply fast, so if you have any questions, ask away!
  2. Hey guys, just had a brand new motor thrown in my 2003 banshee, second time riding it, was going and just stopped running altogether. Last time I blew it I seized the piston, but this time it just has a lot of compression and won't run for longer than a second if I can get it to kick over at all. Looked down and my front sprocket came off. Don't think it's related to the other issue but thought I'd throw it in there. Anyways what do you guys think it could be? Both plugs looked good, it kicks, has compression. Think it's blown or is it a different issue?
  3. any help would be great, please don't bash me cause I am new at this. banshee rebuilt few years ago had problems with float sticking on left side , got the carb problem fixed, now it pops when it is cold, when its warm it runs good, did a compression check, with cheap ass thing I bought, read 94lbs one side 92 the other. gimmee some input guys.
  4. - 421 cheetach cub cylinder - Chariot black anodized head - 2x Driveline pistons (new, not pictured) - Driveline custom cut domes (new, not pictured) - hardware - o-rings will be included (new, not pictured) - acorn nuts &copper washers - base gasket (new, not pictured) - cylinder studs - water jacket plugs The cylinder hasnt been ran since back from Milllenium for plating. I still have to finish polish the exhaust tunnels and will do so before selling. Its drag ported and made 104/58 on methanol and 97hp on pump gas. Chariot head is in good condition and will come with new custom domes cut to the buyers liking for pump gas or methanol. A set of new Driveline pistons will be included and corresponding base gasket. Hardware also included new o-rings, acorn buts with copper washers, cylinder studs, and 4x water jacket plugs. $1150 +shipping Now the pistons, domes and base gasket pictured are just for the photos, They are not what you will be buying. New in box pistons, new domes and new base gasket is what Im selling with this.
  5. Hey guys looking for the parts above, if the cylinders are ported I need to know by who, also dont want cylinders that are very close to their last bore. Stroker pistons need to be brand new or close to new. Domes need to be pump gas. If cylinders are ported looking for trail, play, dune port,mx port something in that area. not looking for anything like drag ports. Again, does not need to ported.
  6. Tyler Clark does a great job for everyone with the passion for the Banshee! We, too, would like to extend a thanks to everyone out there for the tremendous support this year! We are offering this Holiday sale pricing exclusively to Banshee HQ members. Let's bring in the new year together with top-running machines! BRAAAAP Our sales listed below are available now through Jan 5th. Pricing + Shipping..... WISECO PISTONS 573 Series (Blaster) 68mm & 68.25mm ........................ $89.99 ea 513 Series (Banshee) Stock-66.25mm .......................... $103.99 ea Pro X CAST PISTONS Blaster 68mm ............................ $76.99 ea Banshee Stock-66.5mm ............................. $78.99 ea COMPLETE GASKET KIT ............................................... $48.95 ea TOP END GASKET KIT ............................................... $29.99ea COOL HEAD O-RING SET ................................................ $16.95ea BLACK or WHITE UHMW (plastic) CASE SAVER ........... $29.95ea KaN Powersports T-SHIRTS .................................... $25.00 (with orders over $100.00......12.95-shipping included w/ parts order) VARIOUS LABOR DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE .............. Call with your specific needs, and details. Thank you again for a killer 2013!!! Nate KaN Powersports LLC (801) 686-4556
  7. selling my 421 Serval Cylinders with 68mm Wisecos and Rings also have some VF4 Reeds wanting 1150 for cylinder pistons combo or 900 for top end, 200 for pistons, and 200 for reeds or 1350 for whole loot all is brand new reeds and pistons new in box cylinders have never been on cases
  8. I have a set of 4mil ported stock cylinders drag ported for Alky.. Port work done by TZracing on here he is a stand up guy and does awesome work, im sure there are several on here that will vouch for him and his work! Cylinders are fresh at 64.5 bore comes with pistons, domes and of course cylinders. 18cc domes cut for the 4mil 200psi, set up for .015 base gasket. Bore is in great shape as well as the domes and pistons. This set up ripps just ask him as they came off of his personal drag bike. looking to get $450 shipped for everything. Feel free to txt 830-596-3191
  9. Like title says, I have a brand new 4mm serval topend for sale. Included is: New cylinder (1) New 66.00mm wiseco pistons (2) New domes cut by wildcard racing pump gas @ 1500ft elev. New base gasket $950 obo http://i776.photobuc...1A5A7CEC9D3.jpg http://i776.photobuc...1A5CDB335BF.jpg http://i776.photobuc...1A5C59037E0.jpg http://i776.photobuc...1A5BF9F4D36.jpg http://i776.photobuc...1A5B09E7F90.jpg
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