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  1. Looks like you may have an air leak, I would do a leak down test.
  2. Anyone running stock carbs with 421 lp cylinders? I am looking for a starting point on jetting at 1000' asl. Also wondering if anybody has run this setup with stock carbs. mods: pc pipes k&n pods +4 timing pro design cool head 23 cc domes v force 3's stock carbs 4 mil crank assassin lp cylinders (as cast)
  3. what jets would be safe to put in the stockers, so i can do a plug chop?
  4. I'll have to try to find some stockers in the shop then if all else fails, I will bite the bullet and buy some stock carbs or some 28 mm carbs.
  5. https://jetsrus.com/carburetor/carb_keihin_PWK33-41_carb_exploded_view_parts.html
  6. How beneficial is it to get the different slides for the PWK carbs? I have a 2002 banshee with stock internals, PC pipes, cool head, PWK 35 mm carbs, no porting that I know of, running 6 inch pods, dynatek ignition, and vforce 3 reeds. I believe the carbs are too big for this setup, after doing some research I found a site that you can buy different slides for these carbs from. Has anyone tried these to lean it out, or will I be better off going down to smaller carbs?
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