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Found 6 results

  1. This Motor is brand new with the exception of break in and dyno. It pulled 109 hp. It was built by Cascade for a personal drag motor. After build was complete the class was opened to 421cc. It was traded for side work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the motor, I am just building a 10 mil *NOT PARTING OUT* This package includes: Override Transmission 2-5 N Down 375 4 Mil Crank Trued and Welded With TZ 500 Mikuni T38 Alcohol Carbs 350 VF2 Reeds 175 Billet Intakes 150 66 Bore Monoblock Cub Cylinders 1200 Pistons 0 Pro Design Cool Head 240 Domes 0 All Hardware Included: Nuts, Studs, Wrist Pin Bearings ETC 0 Total 2990 Asking 2500 This motor Is currently completely assembled and will stay that way until items are purchased. When funds have cleared, I can provided detailed bill of sale immediately via Email. Please allow 72 hours to ship. I work long days and far from home. Buyer pays shipping and fees. Located In SW Washington State. I have many pictures but am unable to upload do to size. Message me with contact info and I can send them. I am asking a fair price for a new built, ported and tuned package. All you do is put it together and send it. Thanks
  2. Hey everyone first of all, awesome site! I have a Cheetah 421 4mil pv with no porting vforce3 reeds trinity head with 22cc domes and FMF Gnarlys with old but freshly repacked powercores, 200watt stator and PJ 34's. Looking to get some Mikunis but don't know much about them or what size to get, anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be awesome!
  3. Hey guys, I'm a brand new Banshee owner,that is I'm new to Banshees I wish I had a brand new Banshee lol! I've owened quads since I was 17 and I'm 34 now. I'm mechanically inclined and catch on quick so here goes. After deciding to look for a project banshee I found one within a week,picked her up and brough her home. It's a 2000 model with a clean title and in pretty good shape chassis wise. It has new carbon fiber plastics, new pro elite bumper,new pro elite nerfs, new ITP hole shots on black SS wheels DMC exhaust a cool head and I believe that's about it. The engine is dead I pulled the top end and it broke a ring and trashed the right side jug and dome. I've decided to build a 421 4 mil serval after a lot of research. I think it'll work best for what I want to do with it. I mostly play ride with my sons,wife and friends but want to be able to readily spank some guys at the local mix park sand drag strip. My boys are 9 and 11 and both own 400ex's I also own a yfz450 with quite a few mods , a blaster ,TRX450 and a 660 Grizz. The engine: I went ahead and pulled the lower end threw it on the bench and have it ready to split tomorrow (had to wait for flywheel puller). I want to open it up for 2 reasons I want to learn the banshee engine inside and out like my other quads power plants and I want to make sure there's no trash in the crankcase. I plan to go back with the stock jugs .060 over with a set of Vito's forged super stock pistons and run it like that until I save for the serval build. With all that out of the way, I have a few questions. 1.) what kind of horse power can I expect the 421 4 mil to make? I'm not asking for a human dyno here, I know a lot of factors come into play. It seems 2 strokes really make power easily so Imagine that it can just as easily be hindered by improper tuning etc. i want to run 93 pump gas most of the time and fuel when I take it out to play at the drag strip. I know that the DMC pipes will have to go I plan to run Shearer pipes on it. 2.) what jetting is recommended for the set up I plan to run first? Mods will be ; .060 over stock jugs,no porting, DMC,cool head with 20cc domes. My elevation is 86' and temps are between 40-60 in winter and 90-110 in summer. 3.) jetting increments, On my other quads the numbers are as follows for example 48 pilot,175 main. I noticed when browsing jet kits the main sizes are 300-310-320 etc. Are all the banshee jets numbered this way, when I say banshee I mean the Mikuni carbs. If so is there some sort of crossover chart or something? if not can some one help me out with what stock jetting is for main and pilot jets so I kinda have an idea where to start. 4.) when I build the Serval is there any work needed on the cases like clearancing or anything? Also can I or if I have additional port work done on the Serval jugs or the cases will it adversely affect the low-mid range? I think that's it for now, didn't mean to write a novel but this is my first ever 2 stroke and the only way to learn is to ask. So im askin. Thank you guys in advance. I'll get my profile sorted out as soon as I can. I belong to a few other forums and I know about the whole "use the search button" thing lol. I did trust me, I've been reading for a week. Just needed more specific answeres to my questions.
  4. Doing some spring cleaning and have some parts that I need to get rid of, if it doesn't sell here it is going to fleabay. Paypal gift only or pay fees. paypal is hillbillydeluxe66@hotmail.com pm me or reply with any questions. Grand River Racing Big Bore left side pipes. Small dents where they touch, underneath side at the fronts is a little dirty from oil running out, not noticeable on the bike and they look/sound great.No springs included. $275 shipped Moose ATV extended thumb throttle assembly, like new helps a lot with the stiff banshee throttle. $80 shipped Rear Marvin Shaw Hillshooter 13.5" eye-to-eye, not sure what it weight/swingarm length it is set-up for. $210 shipped +10 rear swingarm and chain included no master link $175 shipped Mikuni TMX carbs, Polished, set-up for alky or race gas. Bored to a 38 or 39 comes with cables, air filters, outerwears and alky jets. $250 shipped 36mm Mikuni TMX carbs #2 with throttle and choke cables, and intakes. $200 shipped. PD Coolhead domes 18cc cut for a 4mil $50 shipped Stock a-arms, hubs and spindles $200 shipped Stock headlights, the plastic wire covers on the one have been broken in the middle but they still function great. Square plug. $60 shipped
  5. i have a set of mikuni t34 flatslides carbs that came off a running 05'. make me an offer. will throw in cable and uni pods for the right price. will get pics asap
  6. I've already bought 30mm-32mm Pro-Design Rubber Carburetor Boot's for my Pro-Design Billet Intakes UPP Racing's 32mm-33mm Air Box/Intake Boots But I cant find a set of OEM Style Clamps for the 32mm Mikuni TM Carburetors. I'm sure the Carburetor Clamps for the 34mm Keihin PJ Carburetors will work with my Mikuni's too if I could find them, if any body could tell me where to buy a set (all four 2-Fronts & 2-Rears for both Carburetors) It would help me out tremendously. Ive been searching for the past two days. Ive emailed Mike SXS at http://www.mikesxs.net/products-40.html yesterday and ask him to send me the information on the Carburetor Clamps I needed but he hasn't got back with me. I feel pretty confident that he has the Clamps I need because he has a bunch of them in different sizes. I just want to make sure I get the right Clamps, I don't want to take a chance on leaking and tare something up. I pasted the Pictures and descriptions of the Clamps he has on his Web Site Bellow that I think I need but I'm not sure. Please help me out if you can. Thank You, Jim Thacker Band Clamp Carb Holder band Clamp - 49-55 mm. range. Fits carb holders for stock Mikuni BS 34 CV carbs as used on North American 1980-84 XS650's OEM Reference # • 90460-53106 • 3G1-13586-00-00 • 3G1-13596-00-00 - $4.50 USD Ea Band Clamp Band Clamp for Air Filters, Airbox to Carb Joints, Custom Manifolds to Filter Joints and all purpose uses except carb holders. Fits: 49-67mm. (1.93"-2.64") Diameters Part #15-0692 - $2.10 USD Ea.
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