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  1. My banshee isn't idling correctly off half choke. When the rpms are coming down to idle, they high pitched and slow coming down. It's kind of hard to explain, but when it's on choke it idles and idles down perfectly. I really need help on this issue. I'm new to bansheehq. Thanks!
  2. My banshee has been driving me crazy for a while now. Its been overheating after running for about 30 minutes in the sand. The coolant gets very hot and starts going out the overflow valve on top of the radiator and drips down on the exhaust through the connected hose. To try and solve the issue I did the following: 1- installed new head gasket (installed properly with 20 lb.ft of torque) 2- installed new radiator cap 3- installed new water pump propeller (stock) 4- flushed cooling system and used new coolant 5- changed gear oil 6- tried different fuel mixes All the above did not change anything. Banshee still overheats and coolant starts shooting out the overflow valve. Other than the overheat, the banshee works perfectly and starts from first kick. My banshee is a 2004 100% stock, no modifications what so ever. Its very well maintained. I need some professional help guys!
  3. im new to the seen and im learning how to jet it i my mains right, just takes forever to cold start any help is appreciated thank u
  4. installed a set of brand new toomey t5s a few days ago and had it jetted nice and everything and it was working awesome and pullin hard, but today it was workin like crap from the second i had started it. it has trouble opening up unless i clutch it and in 5th and sixth gear i cant get it to open up at all. today was raining and pretty damp if that might make a difference. tried new plugs even though it was running on two cylinders. stock except for t5s, uni filter and no air box lid. never checked compression yet but was working 100% when i parked it.
  5. Ok guys i got an '05 Hybrid I built. New top end, head shaved, flywheel lightened, +5 timing advance, VForce3 reed system, Flotek ported, individual UNI POD filters, shift star mod, NGK B8EG plugs, FMF fattys and Power Core II silencers(pipes are cut and custom fit to remain in frame on the hybrid, they are now a mid range pipe instead of the normal low end fmf fatty) i run AV100LL mix 40:1 with Klotz super techniplate. my Main jets are 310 my needle is factory and set to factory position, and my pilot jet is 27.5. here is the problem. bike starts fine, first kick(most of the time without the choke) idles great comes off idle great it snaps. it pulls supe hard on the top end. the problem lies with the mid range.like i said idles fine comes off idle fine but when i ride in lower 3 gears the mid range is bad it hesitates and is erratic. i have tries all position on the needle and doesnt seem to change much if anything. i rode it aroung in the RPM range that it "acts up" for about 5 minutes and the plugs were kinda wet or oilly so i would assume rich, but i tried all the different needle positions and doesnt seem to work. like i said the pipes are custom so i imagined it would be finnicky to jet but dont know which way to go when it doesnt seem to change with the needle. could i need a different taper or design of needle? ive never messed with different needles before just change position. and help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Please help me out, I've been trying to get input on a Jetting Starting Point to use with my new 32mm Mikuni TM Series Flat-Slide Carburetors and I'm not getting any feed back. Am I the only one running 32mm Mikuni TM Carb's with R2 Pipes? My Motor is a F.A.S.T. Ported 68mm SS Serval with Chariot Billet Reed Cages/Spacers, Boyesen Power Reeds, Pro-Design Billet Intakes, Pro Flow Air Box Adapter with K&N Filter, and a EHS Air Box Lid Insert - Equivalent to running NO Air Box Lid. * Elevation is 740ft to 780ft above Sea Level I was running Twin 28mm Keihin PWK Carburetors with #52 Pilot Jets and 165 Main Jets. I did have one guy tell me he thought I should start at a 35 Pilot and 290 Mains but that sounded way to lean!!! When I had Stock Cylinder's and Paul Turner Mid Pipes with the Stock Mikuni VM 26mm Carburetors I ran a 32 Pilots and 330 Main Jets. Please help me out if you can, I need input on this. I've heard of a Web Site that has a Keihin To Mikuni/Mikuni To Keihin Jet Size/Number Conversion Chart. If it does exist that would be very helpful. I figure I could bank on jumping the Main up about about one size for every 2mm of Carburetor Size increase and that would get me at a good starting point. Please get back with me and let me know what you guys think. Thank You, Jim
  7. i need help, my buddy just put on a Athena big bore kit 392CC, alien 916 pipes, PWK 28mm keihn cars, k@n fitlers w/outer wears, and we cannot figure out what size JETS to put in this damn thing, it starts up and barely idles and when you hit the throttle it dogs out and doesnt rev up at all. he had 160 mains and 52 pilots and 3rd clip on pin....does anyone have any suggestions to help us out???
  8. my buddy just got the Athena big bore kit 392cc, alien 916 pipes, k@n w/ outerwears, Keihn PWK 28mm carbs running 100 octane, and we cannot figure out what size jets to use, he has 160 mains and 52 pilots and 3rd clip position in now. it barely idles and when you hit the throttle it kinda dies out. any suggestions would help out great thanks..
  9. Well i've had my banshee for about 5 months but i've always had this problem where it doesn't start when its cold but i spray some starting fluid and it starts on the first kick and once it warms up i don't need to spray any starting fluid to start it back off when i turn it off what do you think might be the problem?
  10. I bought a third hand 2003 Banshee with T5's, K&N air filter, proflow adaptor with airblox with 1' hole drilled all over it. I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin(Sea level/Temperature) I couldn't get it to start anyway other than pushing it. It ran fine once warm and could then be kick started within 10 mins of shutting the bike off. 32:1 mix ratio. I discovered it had TORS removed but had no idle screw in the right carb. It was also missing the choke linkage tube between carbs. I replaced the choke linkage and new idle screw. fuel/air mixture screw set to 1.75 turns out from seat. Now I have bog at 0-14 throttle right of idle and i can not seem to set the idle. Carbs are synced. Slides are fully closing. not sure where to look next. ANY AND ALL SUGGETIONS AND IDEAS WELCOMED THANK YOU
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