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Found 4 results

  1. Any one have any billet, chrome, or polished side covers ... clutch cover, water pump cover, stator cover, foot pegs, etc. ?? Looking to dress up the 94. PM or text pics .. 202-486-6044 Thanks , PayPal Ready ..
  2. Ok so we changed the case on the side of the quad with the water pump in it. When we were putting it back together it doesn't seem as if there's anything to activate the pin. Is there supposed to be? Or is it just like it is? If someone could tell me that would be greatly appreciated.
  3. My banshee has been driving me crazy for a while now. Its been overheating after running for about 30 minutes in the sand. The coolant gets very hot and starts going out the overflow valve on top of the radiator and drips down on the exhaust through the connected hose. To try and solve the issue I did the following: 1- installed new head gasket (installed properly with 20 lb.ft of torque) 2- installed new radiator cap 3- installed new water pump propeller (stock) 4- flushed cooling system and used new coolant 5- changed gear oil 6- tried different fuel mixes All the above did not change anything. Banshee still overheats and coolant starts shooting out the overflow valve. Other than the overheat, the banshee works perfectly and starts from first kick. My banshee is a 2004 100% stock, no modifications what so ever. Its very well maintained. I need some professional help guys!
  4. Last time i took my banshee to the dunes i heard some gurgling noise from the radiator. I suspect that something is wrong with the water pump. Is there a way to test if the water pump is working properly without having to drain the oil and coolant and open up the side cover ?
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