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  1. i had the same issue half a year ago. i purchased the EBC Carbon Fiber Clutch. the Kit comes with stronger springs. cost me around 130 bucks in € maybe you'll get it a litle cheaper. no issues since then
  2. here's the Video 375hp Street legal Banshee with the STB DC Kit for stock harness, LED turn signals front / back with integrated brake light & taillight, hazards with indicator lamp, rear fog-light with indicator lamp (inside the OEM brake light), Horn, Endurance II Speedometer and two rear-view mirrors
  3. that rubber plug of my reservoir tank already looks like a butt hole with Hemorrhoids lol.
  4. where can i get those aluminium tubes? what's the item name?
  5. that means the engine ran too hot or what? i think i need to ride that thing a little more carefully during the summer period.
  6. on the stock pipe at the right side, i noticed some white residues. after i parked the Shee, i heard a hiss and then i saw some fluid dripping out of a hose directly onto the hot pipe. it was a hot day with more than 35° celsius and the engine cooling probably wasn't ideal that day. is this coolant and the hose is part of the reservoir tank? i forgot it. the hose leads under the fuel tank and ends nearby the ignition coil.
  7. does the Raptor 660R axle fits on the Banshee, does somebody know?
  8. do you think the 26mm oem carbs are a good idea yes?
  9. damn😮 i inspect the small Roller with bearing further bellow first and order a new one, maybe this is the culprit with a little luck^^
  10. hi hello! i need a little assistance. i would like to know, how to change that one big Chain Roller/Guide seen on the picture below. my Shee makes plenty of noise on the move somewhere in the chain area and i suspect this big Roller, because it's quite lose, wiggles and sometimes the roller is not in line with the chain track, resulting in nasty rattle noises when the chain goes over it. there's a bolt that leads through the roller and even directly through the swingarm. is there a way to partly remove that bolt without dismounting the whole swingarm? what is the correct procedure? i'm a little in fear that the Machine collapses like a folding chair when i try to change the roller😆 thanks in advance for help!
  11. a matter of taste😂 and do you like this?
  12. they don't go that far, about the diameter of a dot, in my carbs at least. i pushed the carb-slide that far out just for demonstration. i don't like the quality of the Motion Pro Kit tbh. it's often a little hard to get the caps on the carbs, the idle screws feel a little lose (fixed with loctite). when i wiggle the cable, it's again a little out of sync. i will add a few more zip ties, maybe this helps!
  13. yeah that's strange. i have another carb here at home and i just firgured out, it actually shouldn't go higher. the slide should be flush with the hole as seen on the left picture. when the dot goes over the window, it would look like that (right pic). i think it has to be the caps. actually i screwed them fairly tight. i need to investigate that again in the next days.
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