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  1. I’m doing a 100% OEM restoration that’s why.
  2. Restoring a 99 banshee. Coolant bottle and all the lines. I’m confused on what goes where. So the line from the top of the bottle is the longest. I’m assuming that goes to the overfill of the radiator? On the end of it is like a white connector piece. There is a T on two lines which are just zip tied to the other ones. And one black line that goes from the top of the coolant bottle.
  3. So I bought my stock silencers from an old barn. They had a small nest in them. Lots of acorns fell out. But there are still some rattling. Will that small left over stuff burn out? Or am I gonna have to cut them open to remove it all? Any tricks to try to get them out.
  4. Lol I know right. I threw a set of them away myself 2 years ago.
  5. Hey I’m doing an OEM banshee restoration. It’s going really well. Have a matching year set of rims. New OEM tires. Frame powder coated. New OEM plastics and decals. Stock engine. Stock carbs/air box/ reeds everything is gonna be original even the tool kit. So I am looking for a set of tors. And possibly a Tors brain. Not sure if I have one of those. Don’t have a lot to spend I know a lot of people throw them away looking for someone who kept them for no reason lol.
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