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    2002 Banshee with a complete motocross suspension, 4mil stroker engine, yfzr50r brakes, -2 inch swingarm, SLP exhaust, and blah blah

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  1. I had some left over 1.5 inch time-serts from my stripped yfz450r aluminum frame footpeg bolts that worked perfect on my banshee. You just need to order the shorter footpeg bolts from the 450r.
  2. I have a banshee that I use for MX only. I have been through every axle that has claimed they are unbendable.....i am trying to figure out how to use the thicker axle on the new 450s on my banshee. I'm sure there is a combination of bearing carriers, axles, and hubs that I can put in my round bearing carrier. Any help would be appreciated!
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