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  1. Fourwerx makes some Carbon fiber guards so do Fox without all the branding that makes them look more sleek.
  2. The guy who used to do trinity racing work went off to do his own thing(https://www.mcdermottracing.com/) and probably has the info you need. I was under the impression Trinity was just using cpi cylinders and molesting them with bad port work and improper head cuts causing the motors to be remarkably unreliable and prone to detonation. They even invented (Trinity Spark Plug locks) to prevent the plugs from backing out due to the detonation. Would I ever get work done from them? Well check out their site and notice they can't even spell properly. Can someone who can't spell Ultimate even have the mechanical ability and math skills required to build a high performance engine? Stick with a site sponsor like Redline who might be able to unfuck what you have before it blows. (Stage II Ultamit play bike Port)
  3. I recall someone saying a billet steering stemp clamp with a grease zerk would work but it was a yfz450 model. The company was maybe JLS? I'm not a 100% so I wouldn't buy the part.
  4. Bringing that old dog into the current decade with a modern chassis. You chopping a set of Cpi's for the exhaust and keeping dual pipes?
  5. I think it's a rare PRM design because I have the identical cross cut into mine. https://i.imgur.com/RVkkdi8.jpg
  6. I like the smaller keihins on your build you'd also be better off if you decided on some porting to match those T5's in the future. I run 33's on a 4mil ported stock cylinders and they are great everywhere. Can't speak for lectrons or smart carbs never tried.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrY7YiFvBLg Set of Alba's breaking off, they seem really flimsy and like alba didn't even try when designing them. Like the heel guard bar not even lining up with the frame tab and just kinda floating there the support seems really poor. I run XFR used to own a AC set both are fine and actually have support in multiple locations but if I was buying again Factory 43 all the way.
  8. Probably the cleanest banshee/yfz450 hybrid that's ever been built. Now do a Yfz450r!
  9. What are you running up front? That's where the banshee suffered the most. Being only 43 inches wide stock a 2(Wide)+1(Forward) a-arm will lengthen your wheelbase and positively effect the poor chassis geometry. The front stock shocks are a joke and what I'd replace before anything including stock exhaust. Seems like you are going for quality of life improvements and yea a quick change and not having to drain coolant to fuck with the clutch is pretty nice.
  10. -1 swingarm here too, 4mil on race gas. If you are wheeling excessively it could be down to suspension setup too. Most guys seem to be running their banshee's with the shocks maximum extended. Run some sag and get your suspension setup right and you'll have a lot more planted front end.
  11. Just the research and ability to actually do this kind of hybrid puts you a lot further ahead than most of the hack and slash attempts I've seen. Doing it on the yfz450r is even cooler, maybe Hettrick will put a lap on it.
  12. Recently I've seen a Baja racer's banshee with 2x Baja Design Squadron's LED's in place of the stockers with a OnX6 6 bulb amber clamped to the handle bars. You'll need some wattage to run that setup though.
  13. Have you inspected the cable for wear or properly lubricated it? Buy a motion pro cable luber and if it's still an issue you have something more serious going on internally.
  14. I doubt it will be cheaper but I've liked using Derisi suspension. If you need the shocks back quickly for a race he can expedite the turn around and he's willing to do custom builds which I haven't found a lot of guys willing to do.
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