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  1. And no wonder you hate your relationship. So just because you don't care, why shouldn't the OP care? Why shouldn't the OP be trying to get the most out his engine enough though he is running pump gas?
  2. You can call me what you want, but the fact still stands, dyno are very important no matter the fuel. And everyone should be worried about what their engine can do on a dyno and try to understand what the curve means. Just because ignorant people like yourself don't get it, doesn't mean others should ignore dynos.
  3. Just because you lack the understanding of the material doesn't mean it is unimportant.
  4. Dyno charts are very important. It isn't the two numbers at the top that really matter, it is all the numbers charted out that matter.
  5. worse part was the narrow trails with 2 way traffic. We actually had a head on wreck there in the group. The quad hit a rzr around a blind turn. Both parties were at fault, the rzr was on the inside of a turn when he should have been on the outside, the guy on the can-am in our group was going a little fast (a lot fast) and lucky he didn't die, just got a messed up some. Like david said, carry fuel. Also carry oil as there were some gas stations you can ride too. We didn't ride at Rockhouse but check into them having gas stations away from camp. Gas is very important. Or just have someone with a sxs carry the fuel for you.
  6. If you are looking for new calipers, maybe look into YFZ450 front set up.
  7. a very aggressive dog. motion sensor flood lights. shoot a couple of the thugs.
  8. Correct. This one will work for the mean time.
  9. I am not a fan of that manifold style. If you want a simple setup, that will work. I just like the yamaha manifold but it is not plug n play.
  10. Oversquare means bigger bore than stroke. So saying the banshee is oversquare because the cylinders are squashed together is complete false. If yamaha wanted the cylinders close together, it would be undersquare aka longer stroke than bore. The fact are, a shorter stroke allows for higher revs, hence why most high revving engines are oversquare. A longer stroke allows for more torque, hence why most workhouse engines are undersquare.
  11. No one said that. Question is, is a 392cc banshee better in 68mm bore with stock stroke or stock bore with 7mil stroker? Or is a 472cc better with a 68x58, 66.5x68, or 65.5x70.
  12. A larger bore can mean wider ports in the cylinder wall. How is square the best compromise? TRX250R, LT250R, CR250R and most bikes are all undersquare. Quadzilla is square. Banshee and CR500 are oversquare. So which engine is the best, the quadzilla engine because it is square? As for the banshee being oversquare because it is cheaper and less machine work to go up in pistons than stroke.... how does this equate for yamaha when designing?
  13. Longer stroke adds more stress on everything at same RPM. Friction isn't higher for bigger bore than longer stroke. If anyone has ever looked at some of the high power vehicles for racing, all have bigger bore than stroke. If really comes down to, space and application. One might do shorter stroke to save on height of engine, or longer stroke to save on width of engine. For application, you will see F1 engines that rev very high and make power are oversquare. For trucks, you normally see undersquare.
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