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  1. Does not matter. Waste spark ignition, means both fire the same time every time.
  2. Easy to pull the pins on a newer one and put the grey plug on, did it many times a couple weekends ago.
  3. double check the choke crossover hose is in place correctly
  4. Yes the side cover holds the shaft "in" The pivot on the pawl that grabs the star is certainly loose and worn out. The fix is to buy a new shift shaft. F.A.S.T Racing sells a new OEM modded one that they grind a bit for more throw and tweak the end in for better contact with the star.
  5. No, but the one in my profile did until just last year. I'll get some pics up soon of the new one.
  6. Turning the TORS screw in (clockwise) raises the slide. There is no set starting point. I use the chuck end of a drill bit as a feeler gauge to get the 2 slides equal, then turn both idle screws the same from there. Fluid in the pipes will cause it to not run properly, I don't know how much or how little though. When I've flooded mine it was a considerable amount. Rent a cooling system pressure tester from a O'reilly's or similar parts store to test the cooling system for internal leaks.
  7. All I know is Chariot is made here in the USA by a guy who machines parts for a living, Vitos is made overseas where there is no quality control of the metals being used (on anything) I wouldn't put one in my engine spinning at 10,000 RPM to save $35.96
  8. Octane booster is junk. And it will jack with the plug color. I run 20cc domes on 91 at 1200 ft about the same as you. 300 main should not be rich if you are ported, I'm not ported w/T5s and run 280's and I'm a little rich but don't foul plugs. Most run 32:1 or 40:1. Oil to fuel is not how you determine "rich" Just pick one and stick to it, jet accordingly I'd check the dome cc's for sure and not run smaller than 20cc on 91
  9. You do realize the air and idle screws are 2 separate screws, right? One thread you say you have TORS, the new one says you don't.
  10. Has it been sitting? Both your problems could be gunk in the carbs or nests in the pipes.
  11. Do you know the current jetting? Was it jetted for the Toomey pipes?
  12. To be totally accurate, it is "Cheetah Cub" and "Serval Cub" Most people shorten the name Cheetah Cub to just "Cub" so as not to be confused with the Cheetah, Cheetah DM or Cheetah DMX.
  13. HaHa... been a member since Nov 2020, makes his first post and is called out by a respected OG? What a loser.
  14. And what he means by "OK"... is bullfuckingshit.
  15. every foam filter I've ever had (quads, lawn mowers, air compressors, air conditioners, shop vacs, etc.) has gone to crap too soon. I try to not use them for anything.
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