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  1. Still in business? how do you compare them to cub, assassin..etc?
  2. Hi gents The bike made 85hp/62tq and +4 swingarm My weight 171lbs. I Roll racing on asphalt! No dig race no dragstrip! I tried AR 18x10x10 not sure what compound but no traction at all! I’m thinking to go 21.5x10x10 SD23 or should I go with smaller such as 20, 20.5 or 21? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi gents Im looking to tune my KT TREX 10mill Very soon. I wonder what’s the a/f ratio for alcohol?
  4. Stock cases are expensive? I found them for $500-600 here is part # 2GU-15100-01-00 2GU-15100-00-00
  5. Like this? Measuring Tire Circumference (roll-out) https://youtu.be/UIv5oN-r88c via @YouTube
  6. I bought them 15 years ago. I barley see the 22/11/8 extreme SLS. The rollout is 7X How can I check the R/O? I still believe 16/43 is too tall I believe 10mill cubs still would outform my KT 10mill Trex
  7. Hi gents The bike has stock frame has 10mill Trex on alky. 22x11x8 14 Extreme Paddles and current gearing 16/43 and +8 swingarm. My weight is 188lbs. It runs consistent 4.1sec in 300ft. Not sure if it is good or bad Any recommendations on gearing? Should I start from stock gearing then slowly changing the rear and front sprockets?
  8. Yep I saw all those very impressive # but what’s stock bike numbers on his dyno?
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