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  1. i think this is quite simple. buy a 392 serval for you stocker and build a 421 serval for your bike.
  2. no, just experimenting. before i sold the turbo i ran my serval with the dynoport pipe without the turbo because i only have t3s. it had more pull down low than both pro circuits and cpis had on this motor so im going to see what i can get to work.
  3. not worried about condition. will it fit a A Arm frame? what would you let it go for.
  4. looking for a 2 into one exhaust with or with out silencer.
  5. i ride mine in areas where 2nd gear starts getting to fast for the trail and dont have an issue with heating. 421 serval. i did have a heating issue a while ago when i had a pinched oring in the head, after 20 minutes the overflow what pouring steam out.
  6. is that what you did after wasting thousands on a your banshees just to realize turbos dont work?
  7. i still have my 91 250 full cab long box.it has a efi 460 with an e4od no mods. and 01 powerjoke. this other motor and tranny came out of an early 70s f150 the frame was rotted to fuck.
  8. i dont understand how you could compare a big block v8 to a civic in gayness?
  9. i have a carbed 460 bored 40 over with a performer intake 650cfm four barrel cam( torqueier) headers and only thing the motor turns is alt and water pump.motor also sits on a 2wd c6. im looking for a car that i would have the LEAST bit of trouble getting this in. this isnt purpose built or anything. just another build. im looking for a beater car that isnt going to cost much more than a grand.
  10. i dont know what matt you are talking about but here is shearers also here is A&S
  11. with a draw through you are going to have problems with to much fuel off idle. you will also get a "pause" in your throttle if you roll on to it. you are going to smoke like a bitch when you let off the gas also because the compressor side of the turbo will be under vacuum and pull oil out of the bearings. honestly do a blow thru on a banshee. the short distance you run would be better off because of the lag a drawthrough has.
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