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  1. Hey Everybody! Recently tuned my carbs again and FINALLY got it dialed in 100%. I installed #42 Pilots and a JJH Needle on the middle clip. Now it idles and rips smoothly throughout the whole powerband. I suspect the Toomey needles I had in there initially were slightly too lean along with the pilot jet. Anyways here is (hopefully) my final jetting setup for my 4mil: ELEVATION: 5351 Feet TEMPERATURE: 60 Degrees Faranheight ENGINE: (CT Racing 4 mil Stroker): MX Porting by CT Racing Toomey T5 Pipes & Silencers NGK BR8ES Spark Plugs VForce 4 Reed Cages Chariot Billet Intakes CFM Aluminum Air Box (No Lid) K&N RU-0700 Filters & Pre-Chargers Hot Rods 4mil Crankshaft Vertex 66mm Blaster Pistons (22569) Vito's Hemi Head V -Pro Design 19cc Domes (Cut for 4mil crank) -160 psi per cylinder CARB SETTINGS: (55 - 75 Degrees Faranheight): 28mm Keihin PWK Carbs 91 Octane Pump gas @ 32:1 (Castor 927) #42 Pilot Jets #142 Main Jets JJH Needles #3 / Middle Needle Position Idle Screw 50% in Air Screws 1/2 Turn Out The picture attached is a plug chop performed 1st - 6th gear / Wide Open Throttle https://imgur.com/a/Xt2Jbmq
  2. Hahaha they are indeed! I agree they look much better off.
  3. Here is the first lap after completing the build! I took it easy on the first lap then checked everything out. So far everything is looking good! Definitely need to adjust suspension though. I keep washing out of corners wide. Thinking the rear shock ride height is set too low? Any advice on ride height in general would be appreciated! Want to get the most out of these long travel shocks. https://youtu.be/BIOpcXSwcac
  4. Glad I checked the clearance out again. While I was able to clear the ball joint initially by shifting things around slightly I noticed that if I 100% bottomed it out I would have ruined the rezzies! I was able to move them to the front / behind the spring and everything clears now! These PEP rezzies are huge lol. Now waiting on a damn swingarm rebuild kit of all things lol
  5. Thanks! Love them so far haha. I can adjust them now but may move the rezzies altogether
  6. Thanks! Yea I actually had to move the rezzies forward a bit to clear the a-arms. May mount them as remote rather than piggyback one day. We’ll see how it goes!
  7. Nah I missed out on them ones. It was another partout on here
  8. Here’s a pic with no shock covers on:
  9. $500. Bought them brand new in April. Valved for 185 lbs. Was running them on Lonestar +2+1 A-Arms. Comes with the guards too
  10. Just got my shocks! Well packaged and got here quick 👍 thanks again!!
  11. Update! I got a great deal on some PEP ZPS Long Travel Shocks! So the adapters on the a arms are gone and so are the Elkas. Old elkas are up for sale on the FB page.
  12. Hey! Definitely interested in those PEP front shocks. What weight are they valved for? Thanks!
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