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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guy's Well new to the forum hello and thank you. So im from Alberta < Canada>, and around here it is all county dependent whether a quad or side x side can drive on town roads, obviously the smaller the communitiy the more legal. but nt street legal. thier is a clause that a vehicle has 4 wheels and a motorcycle has 2-3 , but due to me sitting astride and controlling with handle bars, their is a ability to do a homebuild and class as motorcycle, BUT it can not be a frame already vin'd for off-road use so one must build or pay to have built a frame, finish bike, have inspected to insure nothing stolen and they give new vin. for 500 cdn. then a out of province inspection. then register and plate. i must find a mechanic that is willing to work with me as this has never been done before in canada. so i belive i need all the bassic's , BUT my build i want a GEM so check out the work corellated on the excell sheet, if you change something do it in red bold , and re upload, and give reason for better part . 1- light, (head,turn,brake,license, markers) dot approved 2- horn 3-Aftermarket frame 4-dot approved tires 5- Mirrors 6- display indicators (speed, odometer, high beam , turn, 7- Parking brake ? 8- This has been a few months work looking up each part , my top choices are in bold. Dream BUILD.xlsx
  2. Hello! New to the BansheeHQ forum here. I recently picked up a used 2005 Banshee. My plan is to build an MX Banshee for (somwhat) cheap! Here is what is looks like now: CURRENT PARTS LIST: Pro Taper 1 1/8" Handlebars Pro Taper 1 1/8" Universal Handlebar mount Pro Taper Handlebar foam Parking brake block Alba Racing Pro Peg Nerf Bars STI Wheels & MassFX Tires Alba Racing Front & Rear Wheel spacers (For Now) K&N Air Filter MSR OAF Clutch perch and lever Pro Design Kill switch Renthal Handlebar Grips Alba Racing Gas Cap PARTS ON THE WAY: Hide-A-Key Key Bracket (Relocates Key under Seat) Extreme Fabrication Wide Grab Bar Extreme Fabrication Chassis Skid Plate Extreme Fabrication Swing Arm Skid Plate FMF Boost Bottle YFZ 450 Shocks (Used White ones. 2004's I believe?) Alba Racing Front Bumper Lonestar Racing 2+1 A-Arms Lonestar Racing Axle (+1 to +3 Adjustable) Lonestar Racing Brake Line Clamps Lonestar Racing Brake Lines MZS Clutch / Brake Levers CURRENT WISH LIST (TO BE ORDERED): VForce 4 Reed Cages TORS eliminator kit & idle screw Aluminum high capacity radiator Radiator Host kit Blue Pro Design Billet Cool Head & domes Billet impeller & bearing & gear Billet intake manifolds DID chain Renthal sprockets I also need to install that timing plate that got delivered last week still. I plan on setting that to +4. Working on getting pics up in a decent resolution / size. Here is the Banshee all stock on day 1: Let me know what you think! Open to suggestions
  3. Hi Banshee HQ. I'm on my way to picking up this 2001 Banshee, It is in boxes & will require a full motor rebuild. Asking what are some affordable combo's, I'm mainly riding trail so Im thinking of boring the stock cylinders to a 65.0 What Exhaust, Tyres, Stock Carb Jetting, Oil:Fuel ratio. 250ft to 590ft above sea level Plastics are sanded previous owner sanded them the front are drag cut. I want it to look as original as possible I don't mind blue or silver frame with blue plastics and original graphics kit How can i bring the blue back off the plastics. or what paint can i use and which process is good to use. Images: https://postimg.cc/image/3ki38z47x/ https://postimg.cc/gallery/w3c8ybf2/
  4. Hello All, I’m a New York guy that’s new to banshees. Growing up I had motor bikes, and I’m familiar with how engines work. I would like to start my own banshee build. If some of you can lead me in the right direction that’ll be great. I was thinking about buying a bare frame to begin with and start from there. Im humble and open to opinions. Take care guys.
  5. hi guys im new to banshee builds. I bought a tricked out banshee with everything powder coated and billet all over but it needs a motor. I have read topics on different builds I have about 2500 to build I already have cpi pipes. How much reliability do I loose going with a 10mil vs 4mil ? I'm mostly going to ride the dunes, and want a nice torque curve. Thinking of going with a pump gas setup from redline. I have built many other bikes, quads, and sleds but the family has had a stock banshee for years just want to build something fun now that i'm looking at doing the top and bottom end anyway. Looks like I will need tranny mods also any suggestions? I have a good amount of motor knowledge but I want as much info before I commit to a specific build so please give me info like im a second grader so I don't miss something important that is banshee specific. Thanx for the help
  6. I want to build a good fast 4mil cheeth an i dont really know where to start. i wanna knw good set ups for u guys that run in the street or track 1/8 mile no bar or just so good in put. would like to knw best porters, good prices on a over ride, pipes, size carbs, how long the arm needs to be...whatever you have to offer thanks
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