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  1. My banshee currently has Avenger standard length a arms with 2in 3 out wheels. The shocks are Works dual rate with remote rez. I am in the process or rehabbing it after a long storage period. The shocks are leaking oil so they will need rebuilt. I purchased new tires with the stock off set of 3 in 2 out so the wheels wont be dished out so bad. I was looking to upgraded the A arms to a +2 width. So my question is long travel worth it on a trail / dune machine that doesn't really get jumped? If I stayed with standard travel I would upgraded the arms and have my current shocks revalved. Where as if I went LT I would also have to get new front shocks.
  2. Does Motor City at least throw a little rattle can spray on the cranks before they send them out?
  3. I generally use Demon WP or Tempo. I have both on hand and normally alternate back and fourth that way you don't end up with bugs that have a resistance to one type of spray. I think when I run out of Tempo I am going to go with this stuff. Its suppose to have a coating that helps protect the insectaside from weather. http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/suspend-polyzone-p-2455.html Here is the Demon i use. I use to get it in a 1lb jar but they now offer it in premeasured disolvable envelopes. http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/demon-wp-insecticide-p-74.html
  4. Or just use nothing and jet accordingly for the air leak. Its a lot handier when you have to split the case halves when you don't have to clean up old sealer.
  5. Gauges that use one hose and a bunch of different adaptors are not going to be real accurate. The adaptor is hollow and that extra hollow space is added volume to the combustion chamber. Look at how much of a difference a cc or two makes when shopping for dome sizes. The same is said when doing a compression test. Snap on gauges with the proper hose has the Schrader valve in the very tip of the hose so there is no added volume.
  6. Also did you adjust your jetting? Different type of fuel can throw the jetting off as well.
  7. RTV is thick and can cause excess tolerance between the case 1/2s or cylinder head and rocker box / covers on 4 strokes.
  8. I use one of these on my weber. Kind makes for a wood fired oven.
  9. It depends on where I am riding. I usually go back and fourth between Motul 710 and 800 / Klotz R50. 710 if I am just putting around the house. 800 for longer rides.
  10. Have any type of tether kill switch? If so how is it hooked up?
  11. I'd rather have a single line to the handle bars. The less crap going to the bars the better.
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