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  1. Yeah it was bad. My cushions were also gone. Guess 10 years is a little long to wait before you pull the cover lol.
  2. I had the same noise. I pulled my cover and found my idler gear had come loose. My washer and C clip went through my clutch gears and did some ugly things.
  3. What the he'll is this thing called. Does anyone even run these?
  4. Hey if I wasnt lazy I'd have 1 1/2 less fingers.
  5. Well I guess maybe I'll rip it apart if you guys a serious you think it's the crank. Freaking Chinese cranks that were supposed to be just as good as a hot rods. I guess the wang crank i got lasted like 7 years so i should be lucky.
  6. Well in that case I guess I'll slap her back together and run her till she blows. It runs fine right now.
  7. I hear this weird sound coming from what I think is the flywheel side. No movement in the crank and the seal looks good. https://youtube.com/shorts/o25XPsmot9A?feature=share
  8. I know this shit is super old but does anyone remember what was wrong?
  9. I know exactly what they are. Post a picture of them.
  10. You probably have a nest in one of your pipes.
  11. Just run that shit dude. By the time it blows up you'll be ready for a bigger motor or a 4 stroke.
  12. Lol Dubai! I'll trade him my smerv for his lambo.
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