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  1. Pretty cool buddy let me know when you need a new set.
  2. get a clue Claude! Here you go::: https://www.jdscustoms.com/product/kickup-style-banshee-pegs/
  3. The stave IV is a good head, had good luck with mine when I had it.
  4. Hey, thanks for the great feedback kind fella! I was just thinking a few months back... Lots of people getting out of the game... I am doing the best I can and will stay positive thru trying times. Cant make everyone happy, hell I think anyone in the ATV parts business deserves a high-five and a Busch Light about now.
  5. Glad everyone is happy! Hanging on by a thread to serve this fruitful and joyful industry!
  6. No, email is good. Sorry for the delay once again. You received your swingarm within a week of purchase, that is possibly record breaking for industry standards.
  7. I’ve asked JJ&A about the missing brake plate and hardware. Will get that straightened out. Grille and rotor will be to you next week. As stated @checkout - all fabricated items are a 2 week lead time. Thanks!
  8. Hey bud, I responded via email and haven’t received your response. Please respond to my email. I do not use the messenger on here. Facebook, Instagram or email You will get everything you paid for, I have a reputation to uphold. We have been in business for 12 years we don’t plan to drop the ball anytime soon. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  9. UP is less than 1/2 the drive and yes I enjoy it more than the dunes fo sho. But, Ima try to come this year. I miss the HQ ride, Ill also try to bring DammitBob for good measure.
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