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  1. be healthy as you can be. get sick, get thru it, be done with it. No jabs for our family. My wife and I had it rough, got it done. If it becomes the discussion of me losing my job (I heard the jab bill is at supreme court) I may have to consider? Or if weekly testing is an option Id do that instead dats for sure. I don't follow anything anymore, so I don't know.
  2. Get sick and be done. It sucks, but its the way to go IMO.
  3. Good! It has been a crazy couple years with Covid, I like what it has done to the industry. Less "salesman" useless bullshit and more hands on action. I get called when I am needed. I am not the donut guy. No more random stop-ins to chat. Nobody wants your covid spit on them. I'm good with that. Me and wife had covid this fall and it was fucked, but now we good. Sled trip is Feb 16th - As usual, the highlight of my year. I really would prefer to sell my sled and roll with an X3 w/tracks. Maybe next year if business is good. Tyler is a gentleman and a scholar.
  4. Yep. Katie and are are dialed. Rogan #1747 really good.
  5. check it: https://www.jdscustoms.com/product-category/milwaukee-packout-accessories/
  6. What up homies!! I still remembered my password like I was here yesterday. FB/IG has been my focus with the biz and it seems to be panning out. Its so easy to reach thousands of people from the damn phone and you post to both platforms at once. FB ties website links to products automatically, shit is wild. How are folks still buying Banshee grilles? lol. My Banshee is gone for now, and I am rocking a 2021 CanAm Renegade 1000XXC. Use it for farm shit and put it in sport mode once in a while. Thing is a fucking monster. I want to build another Banshee. Family is great, kids are 6 and 4. Wife and I had covid this fall and it was fucking brutal, luckily we went into it in great physical condition. Take care of yourself if you go thru that shit. Expanding JDS Customs into a lot of automotive, snowmobile, Milwaukee Packout accessories. The Packout shit has been busy. Holler if you need anything, good to see everyone still around. I work for Lincoln Electric full time so if you need any welding stuff I can help there too. We will be at an HQ fall ride one of these days
  7. Pretty cool buddy let me know when you need a new set.
  8. get a clue Claude! Here you go::: https://www.jdscustoms.com/product/kickup-style-banshee-pegs/
  9. The stave IV is a good head, had good luck with mine when I had it.
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