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  1. He is sellin stuff for me cause I have been way to busy to get on here often. I. Just called him he is checking his pm's
  2. Never used it... It was a spare that I had in the tote just in case
  3. We discovered them when we had the cases hot tanked looks like someone had a welded clutch pusher so they drilled holes instead of splitting the cases. We didn't wanna cover them back up with rtv and have people think we where Tryin to hide it
  4. Anyone out there have a set of shearer dm out of frames that can measure the i.d. And o.d. Of the stinger tube for me please also a length would be cool too if ya could.. I have a set of big flange big bore dm pipes with flanges for silencers. I wanna remove the silencer flanges and just tig weld some stinger tubes onto the pipes
  5. Holly shit welcome back Damian how ya been bud? Bump for top notch parts and a damn good guy! I am interested in the spindle mounts if ya decide to part it out
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