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How to tell the YEAR of your bike


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I always see posts about what year someones bike/ATV is and its very simple to figure it all out. I figured this could maybe help those people, who know maybe even make this a STICKY so the same questions arent asked over and over.


Below is how to tell the year of your bike going by the frame VIN, you want to look at the 10th digit on the frame and compare from there.



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well this sucks i was all excited because i thought i would be able to figure out what year the motor i have out in my garage is.... NOPE. at least not from that list. can some body tell me what year this motor is from?






ummmm, i just called the stealership and they told me that the 48h number designates an rz350 motor.


i'm going to use the search because i know there have been numerous posts about the rz350 motors on here. but i will ask this question... can i run regular banshee cylinders on this rz bottom end? i don't think i have any rz350 cylinders.

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not to sure about the RZ motor look up, but look and see if you have a tach hook up area on the motor near the back where the one overflow tube is.


I also forgot to say that I believe the VIN look up i posted is only for bikes in US and maybe canada

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