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  1. damn i just read 4 pages. what a waste of time
  2. http://www.youtube.com/user/dodirty2007 sorry bout that, heres the link
  3. Is this guy on the forum, or anybody on these utube video's on here? <script src="http://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr?url=http://www.google.com/ig/modules/youtube. this is his u tube page screen name dodirty2007 on you tube. I would like to find out where they are racing at. I know they are in georgia, and so am I. If anybody knows please let me know. thanks
  4. Ok, i was wondering what type of fuel consumption yall are getting out of a full tank. time wise, how many hours ride time do you get on a full tank, and what motor mods. Also what should I get out of a full tank. these are my mods. new rings/pistons shaved head, toomey t-5 pipes boysen carbon fiber reeds. reed spacers, dual k&n filters no air box. tors removed
  5. that thing looks fast, but imo the spoiler makes it look like a joke. I think he should put that spoiler back on his honda civic. lol
  6. I had the same problem as you. (well not the bubble gum) Just yesterday!!! had to push my banshee about a mile through the woods to get it home. I just bought the 4 wheeler this week. tore it down today and noticed the black wire on the solinoid came lose
  7. that's ok, no one seems to know what it is, so im guessing it's not important, I let the banshee run for about 10-15 minutes, and no leaks or odd sounds.
  8. yeah, it's not the piece from the coolant resevoir, and it's not a cock ring, at least i hope not because I dont have a cock ring, and i been touching the part, and even smelt it lol. smells like gas
  9. I just bought my banshee yesterday, this is my first banshee 1989 and i have no air box, or any type of overflow tank where the air box went, so im stumped on this one. any other suggestions??? I rode it home after it rolled, and seems to run fine, and no fluids leaking.
  10. I rolled my banshee today, and this rubber piece, maybe gasket?? was on ground next to my 4 wheeler. Please help me figure out what it came off of.
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