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  1. Could anyone who has a j-arm frame close by measure the distance in between the two mounting tabs on the top arm thank you !
  2. No they were new before the runs! But there was gas left in the carbs from the purge .... Would this bit of gas going through make a difference on the plug test ?
  3. . Live from the track . dumped the m5 still revs a little high when I let the throttle down . I give it 1 blip then runs fine all the way back . Plating is a little grey all around up to the first thread would it be considered burnt ?
  4. Got the floats figured out billet bowls had to have the brass overflow tube tweeked a little higher to match stock ones .... also just seen I was given M5 by mistake .. Anybody used that stuff???
  5. having troubles with float level had to lower it a little if I put them where they are supposed to be the carbs leak from the overflow ... Would anyone have a cure to that ?? needle and seat are good carbs are new
  6. no pump would that have an effect
  7. On alky ... Whenever it get to the end of the 1/8 miles when I let the throttle off it hangs and then on the return lane whenever I blip it it kinda hangs . It runs fine blipping the throttle at the start some alky spitting from the pipes , Got the billets bowls . Would it be the pilot jet ? Needle diameter, clip position ?
  8. Stock stroke ftz ignition ! What would be the max safe advance timing for alky ? Total timing from tdc in inches ?
  9. Looking for 68 mm Athena cylinders don't need head or pistons plating doesn't have to be good!
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