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2005 Banshee MX Project


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  • 3 weeks later...

After some research I ended up ordering a pair of used Raptor 700 Front Calipers off eBay for $70:


I also ordered Alba Racing's new Adjustable 2+1 A-Arms that can switch between standard and long travel shocks. My wife's Banshee will be inheriting my LSR A-Arms once her rebuilt Works Dual Rate Shocks get delivered. 


One thing I was unable to find on here was a write up on how to weld in these JDS threaded peg inserts. I went and bought a welder and will do a write up if it turns out OK. Been a few years since I've welded anything lol.

More pics soon!!

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15 minutes ago, kawa110 said:

Very easy...loco posted some good pics on how to weld those in.

Cool! Thanks! Glad to hear it's not too difficult. I bought the kit but will only need to use 1 for now. This winter I am considering powder-coating the frame. I'll probably do all four inserts when or if i do powder.

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  • 2 weeks later...
15 minutes ago, Buckeye513 said:

Man that thing looks ready! Not sure though why you went low profile seat? Also be nice if you had some long travel fox shocks!

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Thanks!! Yea I wish I left the foam alone lol. Looks sweet though! I've got another seat I swap to on those longer rides. The low profile helps a little when dipping into the turns on a track. I swapped to those new Alba A-Arms that will allow me to switch to long travel eventually. Done putting $ into this one one for a while lol. That black Banshee is my Wife's which is also almost finished! Finishing the front end this weekend.

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1 hour ago, ginger said:

best looking bike i have seen with the big tank.  

I agree! lmao Thanks!! Clear one was cool but the blue has a much cleaner look. I found those Banshee decals on Ebay:


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