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  1. Try the power washer trick maybe. they look great, they’re loud if you haven’t run them before.
  2. Contact him directly do t go through eBay. I do it all the time
  3. I’d love to have cheetah cylinders. I’d sort out what you have. D&M I hear are good with those builds.
  4. Your main and pilot jets seem massive. I would think 27.5 pilot and max 300 main. too much has is my guess. Does it have drag type porting or is it stroked?
  5. Bog might just be moving the needle up and down. Stock exhaust right?
  6. Put a case saver on it. The sky’s the minor with these machines. A huge upgrade would be new a arms and suspension up front. If you want more power the stock cylinders and carbs are just fine and will produce 75 hp with pipes and porting.
  7. Looks good, compression is good, run it
  8. First thing I thought was your mains are too big. How does it start? And is the power loss all the way through the throttle range? check your compression
  9. Banshees are through the roof everywhere. 8-9K for an average banshee up here. I dont get it and i shouldnt have sold my stash.
  10. I have a JL Engineering -2 flat track swing arm that i am looking to trade for a stock length or +1. Swing arm is in excellent shape painted black.
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