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  1. Your being asked if you used 795 (stoker pistons) or 513 (stock stroke).
  2. Looking for a brake light era rear caliper, master cylinder, brake hose, switch anything else that goes with it. Thanks Need it shipped to Canada
  3. You need to do a DC conversion. Google it
  4. FAST is hands down my fav sponsor, always has what you need and always gives great advice
  5. What did Alba say about your take and an arms? Offer return?
  6. Clutch for sure. Pancake bearing, high flow impeller, shifting mods, and new eccentric screw. your wanting a striker crank? Driveline cylinder kit is nice for the money. keep your crank and go 392 also. So many options for you.
  7. Still have your stock carbs? They’ll work nice. If not pwk 28 or 33
  8. The answer is calling Noss, he will set you up https://nossmachine.com/domes-inserts/
  9. Nothing. Bonzi garage on YouTube uses them, he thinks t5s produce more power. Out of all the pipes still being manufactured for a decent price I’d go SLP for low rpm high torque, PC for mid range, shearer for top end. Where do you want your power?
  10. Nice pipe, low to midranges focused, never ran them but from what I found on dyno sheets don’t produce as much mid range power as pro circuits. If your looking for mid range pipes FMF fattys are nice and usually found pretty easily
  11. Stator failure could be the cause of some of your problems. Buy OEM. DC conversion with JL Engineering battery pack is a nice upgrade, don’t exceed 70 watts. someone in the wanted section was looking to trade big bore shearers for small bore, I’d jump at it if they’re still available
  12. Good luck with the Paul turners, hard to find them in good shape anymore. if your looking for that mid range hit look hard at Pro Circuits, and you can still buy new.
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