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  1. I’d recommend pro circuits for that type of riding
  2. I have a 421 HJR dune port serval with 33 pwks in my parts bin i was going to build up. I thinking of changing to a play port stock stroke stock cylinder and going back to stock carbs in an effort to get more seat time before fill ups. Question to the guys who have played around with engine set ups, how much more gas will be burnt with a 421 serval with 33s and CPIs vs ported stock stroke and 26s?
  3. The adjustment is not on the housing, its on the bearing carrier. Super simple to adjust.
  4. I’m retarded. Just bought this. Addictive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. https://nossmachine.com/
  6. Call David Noss and ask him. Best advice youll get.
  7. Buying new and from who?
  8. Best 2 options are Driveline and CPI. Don’t discount a 4 mil stock cylinder.
  9. First thing that comes to mind is I’m wondering if it’s has Chinese knock off carbs? sounds like pilot jet symptoms…
  10. I could get a frame for 200 3 years ago, 500 seems average now here in Canada. the entire banshee market has gone nuts. Wish I would have kept most things I’ve sold, could have tripled my money. Can’t even find a banshee under 5 k up here, it’s ridiculous
  11. gusto


    Looking for a flat track style bumper with no dings. Shipped to Alberta.
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