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my 2011 CTS-V


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Saw a spot on here to share car/truck pics so i thought i'd throw a few up. Here is my '11 V. It makes 725rwhp on 93 pump gas and 840rwhp on a 100 shot. Lots of good videos on my youtube page of me dig/roll racing other stupid fast cars if you're into that junk 


















cold start video. look through my videos on youtube for racing stuff if you're into that kinda thing


burn out from the photo shoot above




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thanks for the comments guys, i love this car. Surprises the shit out of people. Its fun to roll through parking lots and have people looking all around trying to figure out what car the rumble is coming from 



Sweet car, didn't know those came in auto. Can the stock tranny hold up to that power?


The stock trannys are pretty stout. They usually need some freshening up with regular 800+ rwhp abuse but this one and many like it have seen some serious shit hahah. People are out there pushing high 900rwhp range on stock tranny's. The strock bottom end, stock tranny, and stock rear end are all pretty resilient believe it or not

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whats been done to it to get to 725hp on 93


its got a bunch of fancy parts. pulleys/heads/headers/102mm throttlebody /4.5"intake/ported snout and supercharger/850 injectors/ice box/heat exchanger/cam. Theres more little stuff but its a well rounded set up. I was looking to swap from the 9.1 lower pulley to an 8.6, install bigger injectors and fuel pumps, and retune for e85. Its set up for 93 pump gas currently and i have a seperate tune for race gas without spray. I have been a best of 10.6@137mph with a shitty 1.8 60'. With that mph i should be low 10's but i have only been to the track once since i owned the car. 


Twin turbos.

 i run them quadruple turbo kits bruh 

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