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  1. I would never post pics of any of that shit! WAYYY too many eyes on the internet. I post very few pics even in secure places where the group is verified by other group members.
  2. Fack look who it is! How you been brother?
  3. Choke crossover tube connected in the right spot? Make sure the slide move with the idle screws, zero them and as soon as they move go 3/4 to full turn. Pilots not plugged? There’s very little to these shit boxes, it won’t be hard to figure out.
  4. You bette have shit SUPER aligned, and very little flex to run a 12 with no guide. A guide, 90 degree metal, 2 bolts, drill with bit, and a welder will fix it.
  5. Run it! It will flap like Skeeters ass in about 10 minutes after being ran.
  6. Call Redline. He’ll be back in the shop tomorrow.
  7. Sell that junk and buy a boat! Problem solved!
  8. Get it started and hit that carb with a shot of ether. If it picks up as it should with ether, you have carb/intake issues.
  9. What is this stimulus check you speak of? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ^ this guy likes boys, just like his president does!

  12. I'm no translator, but I did take 2 terms of French in HS, I'll give it my best guess. Hello, welcome to BHQ. Calude is a kid toucher, watch out for him... I don't have a clue on the second sentence.
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