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  1. no, your eurotrash funny steering flop of a quad has nothing to do with the Banshee...did you really spell can't CARNT? Gas Gas toucher poofterboy
  2. loose carb or a split in the carb boot caused the "air leak" on the left side
  3. is it even leaking? thats why it has a case saver now its already been damaged. Devcon epoxy works well, strip it down and get it welded would be a fun adventure for all.
  4. You need to sell it and buy a blaster and gtfo bruh
  5. i see no mention alloy rod usage...
  6. so this dipshit cant provide a pic to even verify if it is strock jugs or a stroker crank... "Update, took it to a mechanic and just off first sight he could of tell the cylinders were messed up and top end might of blown due to the port".. lol orly maybe your mechanic should be here and he can be advised on how and where to spend your money, I heard Ben Dover's Mower Service got some deals on..tard
  7. nah i can do bushings with my dinosaur lathe lol you could prolly turn that on (button)
  8. you mean you cant understand english very well...jelly of a moron using quarter million dollar machines to make gas caps and bar clamps.lol you can run those machines but you cant "use" them
  9. dude by Canada`s standards you are ready to dominate their Aerospace industry...your a god dammed fukn engineer bro
  10. you do realise the connecting rod thread only exists because you have NOTHING better to do than prototype zilla`s dumbass ideas for about making the most fragile part of the bottom end even weaker, for what reason? to free up hidden power? to increase rev range on a motor that already falls down well before any current topend can keep efficienty feeding it? god you're so fucking stupid its funny watching your dumbass getting played by zilla... the magic connecting rod for drag racers only that want to rebuild cranks every 12months or less IF it holds together at all... and the guy with the lighter flywheel, lighter tires, lighter bike, lighter jockey keeps on winning with steel rods that were figured out literally decades ago when EVERY stroker crank was custom made by smarter people than you an zilla combined why dont use your meagre knowledge and zero problem solving skills towards something viable like a rebuildable flywheel, since thousands of those get thrown the bin once the magnets are fucked, gee might be an actual market for THAT...like every fucking banshee owner on the planet could use that lmfao... wait you could make that lighter..the lightest flywheel in existance that doesnt exlpode! nah dumb idea really...too obvious, plus youre an ignorant little fucktard button pusher that thinks he is smarter than he really is and can only copy shit or be told what to make
  11. turns out HP2000 is an engineer..how about that
  12. way to set the banshee world on fire engineer, bar clamps and gas caps lol...roll a fat one tonight bruh
  13. the adhesive goes to shit after so many years if they arent installed on plastic and still on the sheet
  14. everbody wants that frame they just rather see it dissapear into obscurity than see a newfag on here get it..its the perfect start to a unicorn bike
  15. buy it fool, loco wants it but he wants a deal, plenty of vendors and helpful fuckers on here can help you finish it off...if it wasnt so close to xmas that frame would be long gone
  16. how much did you offer him really like $1800 lol
  17. try redoing your first post in the english language with how much you want to spend
  18. you could of stolen a better looking whip bruh yer lacking
  19. when a bike runs crappy the first thing you do is ditch the 28`s and throw 39`s on it, now you need snipers and a 50 shot of nitrous...fix that bogging issue right up
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