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  1. Take the fancy air breather off the gas cap line too. Those can get stuck and starve the tank for air which starves the carbs for fuel. Just a run a regular open line.
  2. I refuse to run a ceramic because they can shatter. I dont understand the point of risking ceramic shattering when pancake bearings w/ OEM steel balls work fine. What helped me dramatically was lowering the shifter one spline.
  3. The pick up is connected to the stator. Rotating it moves the location of the pick up. So the moment the flywheel magnet passes by the pick up is advanced or retarded. I am also nearly positive my terminology isn't correct.
  4. Mine has two grease zerks but i put grease were it's metal to metal. and id pack bearings if it isnt sealed.
  5. Off topic but what shifting issues did you have? Also please report back once the pro mod is in. I went from an override to pro mod so i dont know how much better a pro mod is over stock.
  6. I have a lock up clutch but with a stock cover. Very good idea to get the cover. It's so much easier. Plus they look cool. I want to get one as well as the stator cover with bearing support. I been putting it off for lets see, 10+ years now. Tyler Faith in the bansheehq fb group wrote a lot of long post about proper suspension set up. You could always check this post for info.
  7. My mistake, the way i read your above post made me think +2 was what you will go with. So now with that out the way, now it's time for your next upgrade. It never ends. But that's a good thing.
  8. So you asked what swing arm, most said stock (or shorter) and you will do what you want. I get it. Enjoy the +2.
  9. I'm just going to ramble on here. So lets say your suspension is fine but you want to keep the front down. The typical solution is to get a longer swing arm. Then the reason the front will stay down will probably be because now the rear tires are spinning. Since they are spinning, you arent putting all that power down accelerating as quickly as you could. Then you have to figure out the perfect balance between swing arm length, tires, tire pressure, lock up clutch pressure (if you have one) and the list goes on. And all that changes for each terrain. For those reasons, I went back to a stock length from a +6. It would be very expensive and time consuming to play with all lengths of swing arms, sprocket combos, tire types etc to see what works. I'm just thinking out loud.
  10. While i agree, i dont feel it's worth it for that. It's not like it needs to be done in the middle or before a ride all the time. Im glad this was brought up. This is a very important point. I forget about this because I grinded my damn heal guard mounts off.
  11. It really sucks when you stretch the bike and it wont hook for crap and handles worse. It also takes up more space in the shed and truck bed which I also didn't care for. So are you going to spend $900+ on a fireball arm the same length as stock just for looks?
  12. The longest i'd go is stock length for and i quote "mostly seasonal rd and trails no major jumping"
  13. flitz polish or mothers. you can look on youtube on how people hand polish stainless steel revolvers to see how to do it. basically wax on, wax off. over and over and over... I did my shearer pipes this passed weekend and attempted to do my clutch cover but i gave up on the clutch cover because i didnt want to take it off.. I would assume 0000 wool is too aggressive but i will try it on a part that isnt visible to see.
  14. I went with turbo chassis due to their lack of logo on the entire thing. I noticed the chain was too loose last weekend so i will go make a ride and see if the two bolts holding the carrier is enough. The popular fireball racing swing arm has 4 bolts.
  15. JL egineering makes a $170 kit with a battery and mount. I had two batteries ruined so far with 2-4 hours of run time. I assume it's something wrong on my end. However, i will leave it as is without the battery and it will be fine. I got the DC conversion because i got tired of blowing LED's. I have not blown an LED since. https://www.jlengineering.org/dc-.html
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