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Alcohol plug read help

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What oil and at what ratio are you running? Those plugs look really lean... The heat going down the treads like that is not good

So it is lean. Shit'

Mix is 24:1 with maxima 927

Guess I will adjust the needle some more.

Cause I have tried adjusting powerjet both ways already with no luck!

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ran back to back..  plugs have 2 passes back to back on them.  motors continue to create heat every run.  if they dont cool down to idleing temps in the pipe and in the moor you will have readings that are a lil off  not necessairily a bad thing  you would want to tune the motor to overall have a good strap, base reading and NOT a one pass good reading.   since you ride the bike and its not a track one pass bike  that makes a difference.. 


get new plugs.  change mix ratio to 32-1  gap plugs at .18 tho adjust needle to idle, have clean just of idle performance.  bottom pj's  turn them 3 turns out.  ride bike.  make one full throttle pass.  stop  yank plugs look at the burn ring.  if plugs are clean and show no heat at all OR if bike blubbers and wont run clean.  raise needle 1/4 turn, adjust pj's in half turn.   reinstall  run again. 


you want to watch the burn around the base of the plugs.  the one on the left looks fine  the one on the right looks grey, and the burn ring from what i can tell is right at the strap.   measure your needles length and see if they are the same length left to right.   might also check to see if your pj's are drilled the same size left to right  if they are  you should probably do a quick leak down test OR run the right side 1/2 turn more on the pj.  basically what i look at IF i actually pull the plugs out is the closer to the strap the burn gets  the hotter it is running.  timing i just adjust untill the top end drops off and back it down a tad from there.  anymore i dont even look at the plugs  i know from riding what the motor is going to want.  if i think there is a problem  i will check the plugs   if you have the needle set about right ( not to rich  not to lean)  and first pass with pj's all the way open it blubbers from to rich pj, just turn them down 1/4 turn till it cleans up.  thats your max rich setting to run..  easy..

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U guys might be surprised to know that the power jets were both backed all the way out and then only turned 1.5 turns in. My fuel mix was at 20:1. I'm not sure if most of you are seeing the picture well. I don't believe it's BURN you are seeing. I did one more pass after this picture, before that pass I turned my power jets IN (leaner) one full turn each? Bike performed better, also started to clean up the plug, it got spotty, as in some dark spot like pictured, with some lighter spots kinda like it was drying up, if you could imagine that pictured, I should of just took a pic, but didn't.

I will mix at 36:1 and do a pass I bet that even cleans it up, I'm sure most of you going o. About it being lean and so surprised it hasn't blown are thing no way, but then why has no blown up yet? Why is there no piston residue, I'm not talking I k&t 2 passes, 2 passes in that pic!! Did probably ten through out the day!fucking with it every pass, but with basically the same looking plug.

Cause it must be ritch.

Anyway I will post back the results so others who might need one day have it.

No matter what the results are I will post them. Even a blown motor.

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In no way am I trying claim I know what's goin here but when you guys saying that if thier plugs looked like that the motor would be toast. It makes a guy wonder? I have quite a bit of time on this motor. Run time. Like common after 10grand spent on this bike, that's the last thing I want. I'm home from work and at it again with this thing.

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Not to mention who knows who is commenting and if they even read the thread from the start?

I know when camatv comments, I believe and read what he says. But I looked at many if his old post and trust he knows what he says. Many of you may also, but many of you might also be as clueless as I or worse. I'm a guy who can tear this motor to all it's pieces and put it back together, and it still run. Just so everyone knows I'm not a virgin here, just new to alcohol. If this was a dam gas motor I would of had it running the day I put it together!!

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