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  1. Thank you Tyler for letting me back in to explain this. Yes my name is Rob Rob on face book. This may be the second indecent if you want to count the first one of me receiving a bent set of arms and raising a stink about it. Other then that I have had 100's of great transaction on FB and here on bhq. Sure he probably bought parts from you, he bought those parts at the same time he owed me thousands of dollars! He was buying parts from everyone, yet still paying me money. When I questioned him on it, he said do t worry, I will pay you the 500$ a week just like we agreed, with all the parts being paid by Christmas! First payment was way back in the end of October. This is when the deal was made. He paid me on a regular basis up till November 15. By November 15th he still owed me 2850$ after christmas(remember this shit was supposed to be paid for before Christmas) so after Christmas sometime he calls me said he had a death in the family(thought he said it was his brother) maybe he said mother, any how he said he was sorry but he would start making his regular payments (weekly) and get this shit cleared up. (This was first week of January) he said starting that Friday, he would send money on a weekly basis again. But no money was sent, no money was sent up until 10-15 days ago, he sent 800$(not fucking yesterday). Yesterday I told him I had had enough, that I was selling the K&t motor, and I would ship him the rest of the parts, he wasn't happy with that, said he wanted all the parts or his money back, I said it doesn't work that way, I tried to be very reasonable with him, he wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY! He finished it off with he would make a paypal claim and get his money that way. I said I was sorry he has choose to take care of it that way, but that, it was his choice to make. So he did make the claim. Paypal froze my account, took ALL THE MONEY AND PUT IT ON HOLD. I called paypal and explained, they did an investigation, and released the holds on my account and said I was seller protected in this situation! This is the just of this situation. People will always believe what ever they want to believe. But everything I have said above is FACT. Anyone who wants details is more then welcome to pm me, I have every text between this guy and myself, from day one.. I have every date he has made a payment. He owes another member here over 300$ and has owed him that money for months, except he has already shipped the parts.. I have even told that member I would cover that money. I have been in pissing matches on this site, and it's something I am not looking for here, I just wanted the opportunity to let everyone know the truth in this matter. I promise you I have had MANY good transactions, here and on FB. I speak to many guys on a regular basis, this is a deal that has gone south, because buyer Got himself into a hole, and seller was sick of waiting. He could of paid for these parts a long time ago, but he choose to keep buying parts from others and not pay me. Thanks Tyler for the opportunity to explain this shit storm! If anyone wants to know or see any real stuff to make a decision on me, or about me, please pm me, or find me on FB, I am a very reasonable man, those who have delt with me know this about me.
  2. Got the terrain traks in today, and the nitrous kit, couldn't be happier! Great package job, fair pricing! Great person to deal with! Thanks Tom. Parts were all shipped to Canada without out issue and received parts 4 days after sending payment!
  3. Pics of my carved banshee seat. Lots of foam to work with, started with a good bread knife, by carving and shaping the seat to my liking, then finishing the fine shaping of the seat with a grinder and a 80grit flap disk. This seat is going on my drag bike. I actually took more out, but forgot to take pics before putting the cover back on, the bump is about 3", should be sufficient in holding my ass in place. Finished product.
  4. Drilled and would prefer colored hubs. Must be banshee hubs. Please send pm
  5. Lol, dam those cursed a arms! Beefy, didn't mean to assume, but any way no a arms for sale at all. Not many parts left at all, cleaned out all the shelves! Just this really nice sub frame! Someone must want!
  6. Yes possum, I wined when you sold me a set of bent arms, then yes, you gave me a refund and told me to keep the arms, cause you are such a big man. Thank you so very much possum. Beefy, new the hole story already. And you did not give me the arms, you sold them to me, then gave them To me after I cried and made a big deal of it.. Is that fucking clear enough for you? Did I make that clear enough to everyone, FOR YOU.. I CRIED POSSUM, WHEN YOU SOLD ME BENT A ARMS, THEN YOU TOLD ME TO KEEP THEM AND REFUNDED ME MY MONEY.. fuck me! Then I gave them to my buddy shee, and he will fix them and use them., nobody running bent free arms here ok? Look I don't like you, you don't like me, I have not said a word or botherd u since, I showed you that much respect, so fuck off and do the same towards me! If you had a brain, beefy and I talked before about selling him the arms, and I believed he was referring to the arms you sold me when asking if I had the +3 arms still. In no fucking way was I being negative towards you. So get over yourself. Go be the little Wiesel you are elsewhere. I said it before and will say it again, don't sell shitty parts, don't have crying buyers! Very fucking simple!
  7. No I sold that titanium set of arms. And those bent ones possum sold me I gave to a buddy, to fix and use on his spare bike.
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