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Alcohol plug read help

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Still learning myself but I read the strap and the circle around the end of plug. Strap identifies timing and circle identifies heat.

Looks like you're really learning a lot. Hows the tranny doing ?

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When it burns the strap off you are too lean.

truth. if you're really lucky like i was at ls last year you just throw new ones in. if not you get to buy pistons, domes and plating. keep it on the rich side.

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Rich - plug looks brand new. I aim for half the plug to look new and clean and other half to have brown color..... That looks lean to me..

It makes no sense that it is LEAN like you say, cause the next run I leaned the power jet 1 turn in, and performence was better, and plug was starting to clean up a touch.

Can any veteran methanol runners chime in?

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Actually running a lil rich with alky will not lose power like gas. You can however lose power by being lean. Especially if there's a hole in piston from it

No doubt. I agree.

Also I just read that with methanol color on the plug (like the color of my plugs pictured) is cause by heat from being too lean.

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