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  1. Toomey needles are the very best needle imo for stock carbs. They are longer and have more of a taper to them making them more tunable. Just buy them and be done
  2. If it were me, i would not lean out the needle(raising the clip) first. Id lower the clip(richen it) all the way to the bottom. Usually if your chugging along and roll into the throttle and it want to stall or have a deep drowning sound thats a lean condition. If your chugging along and roll into it and it wants to sputter then you gotz a rich condition. For your mods( if that actually all that done id make sure you have a 27.5 pilot, 280-290 main and needle in the middle clip or favor the bottom clicks. As far as your timing, id run no more then +4. Actually id run it at zero until your shit is sorted out. Also if your running pods/outter wears make sure they are both super clean and not too over oiled. And if your trail riding, if you have paper filters(k&n) throw them out and get a dual stage uni filters.
  3. Set air screw and 1.5 turns. Im sure there is more to your problem, but id start there.
  4. To check your ro either pull tire off quad, or jack rear of quad in the air. Run your desired air pressure and use a tape measure(i use a small 1/4”wide stanly steel tape) and measure the circumference of the center of the tire.
  5. What RO are your rear tires? On my 10cub i ran 15t front and 42/43rear for 300’ track with 14paddle stg. (78RO. )I weighed about the same as you do. Bike weighed 280ish race ready. Ran 3.9s very consistent.
  6. Case work for a 7-10mil will cost 300. Good billet cranks 7-10mil 1100ish. If your only working with 2k, get a 421cub. Would make 70-100hp depending on who does it.
  7. Get another compression tester. Ive seen testers straight out of the box be completely inaccurate. Also you need the correct length nipple(same length as plugs) to get accurate reading. My favorite compressor tester ive ran across for the money is a craftsman. It comes as a kit with everything you’d need.
  8. Take the stock hangers that have spit and drill 2 1/4” holes and bolt them back together. Just snug them and bend the last thread or two over on the bolts so the nut doesnt back off.
  9. Those yamaha sxs are so sexy. The can ams are sweet too!
  10. Lock out arms are supposed to be “loose”. Pull the bitch apart and then ask question if needed. If your clutch basket is worn bad it will chatter and that maybe the noise you hear. It has nothing to do with your shift shaft or shift star. Something else is going on.
  11. If i had monies i would not bat an eye at spending 20k on a crated banshee. Especially the yeller 06.
  12. I apologize. I had a bad day yesterday. The women was being mean and made me get rid of my guns. I just came on the site to vent a bit. I was just being a smart ass.
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