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New around here, just picked up a shee


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What's up everyone,


My name is Jeff and I've been riding quads out in Gordon's Well, CA for most of my life. I grew up riding a Blaster and TRX250Rs after that. Always wanted a Banshee, (and my girlfriend has a faster quad than me :( not for long! ) so I picked up a stock '87 for $900 just last week. Here's the original pic from the ad:




I'm an avid search function user, and I have found lots of handy information on this forum thanks to many of you. When I picked it up, the guy said that the electrical system was a little messed up, which made me hesitant. The kill switch didn't work and it had one of those tether kill switches as well. The tail light didn't work but the bulb was new. All things that could be easy, maybe a little less easy? I picked it up, brought it home and took it all apart. Inside the switch, the terminals weren't making contact, so I fixed that and it was good to go. Tail light needed to be plugged in. haha! After hours of work over the weekend, this is how it turned out:




I picked up some Toomey T-5's used for $240 and replaced the handle bars with renthals. The paddles and razors came in the deal.


Currently I'm working on rejecting the carbs for the addition of the pipes, as well as replacing the J arm bushings. Which, here's the left side bolt and sleeve:




After the main things are fixed, I'm going to drain and flush all the fluids, bleed the brakes, etc.


A little about me, I'm a native of San Diego, 25 years old this friday, and I've been in the Navy for 7 years. Lived in Hawaii for 3 of those years and returned to San Diego because I missed the dunes!



Anyways, Just saying hello! And thanks for all the help already!



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Sandslinger, I'll take a few pics of the other banshee. That one is my girl's; it's in good shape, just needs a little love in a few places. I just went through it before I picked mine up, it looks much nicer! Haha.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone else! Happy to be a part of moneypithq.com haha

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Welcome to moneypithq.com



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