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  1. Well fuck me running. That thread is the only thing I found on Google. And if someone says I DIDN'T need to take them out to P.C. I'M going to 🤢 puke. That's how I got them out, hopefully some fell apart because they were 33 yrs old😠 Am least I got more answers here than fakebook
  2. Any tips tricks, or suggestions for installing the front/rear motor mounts into the case? TIA
  3. bought a set of pipes that had been hanging in a garage. One was full of pink insulaion from Mickey Mouse.
  4. Lean will act/sound flat. Rich blubber and fart.
  5. It's not logical to compare different set ups, to a point. Even two supposed identical set ups may need different jetting. That being said, have you done a plug chop or plug read? If so, what was the result?
  6. BTW, they're semi hand coned, if that makes sense.
  7. Sorry I couldn't edit title properly. Should have read Grayson. They came with a Banshee my son just got. Number 3 Has T-5 on it.
  8. What style/type of power band do they have. And don't tell me some kind of color, smart ass😼😄
  9. Amazon Prime instant shipping. But do they have JDS or JJ&A? NO Hard to ride with wadded panties
  10. Not mine, my nephew's East of Flint, Mi Reward for good info
  11. What exactly is the difference between off the shelf and "custom cut" domes?
  12. Soon for sale : two 18cc domes, great condition.😀
  13. Makes sense. Might be hard to re-set up in same lath on same day it was turned. Carpenter by trade, haven't fucked with a lath since H.S. metal shop, 50 yrs ago. So, what exactly is a costom cut done as oppesedto off the shelf?
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