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New around here, just picked up a shee


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I actually started a new thread in the jetting forum but I figured I'd give an update. Took the banshee out about a month ago for its maiden voyage and it actually ran great, but once I got back, I did a compression test when I noticed I could push my kick starter down with a finger. 70PSI. Did a top end rebuild with WSM Platinum series pistons (after reading a few threads about the majority having no issues) and added VForce4 Reeds. I also did the +4 degree timing mod. I rejetted my carbs to 27.5 pilots and 300 Mains. Just got back from the second trip and the break in went great. First three days of riding all day long I kept it nice and cool with fairly low RPM's and checked the coolant constantly. Last day I gave it some solid runs up Test Hill at Gordon's Well and she rips. Stomped on some YFZ450's and a DS650. :)


On a side note, if anyone in San Diego area is looking for a great guy to get their cylinders bored/honed, Floyd's Machine Shop on El Cajon boulevard does a phenomenal job at a very fair price. Motoworld of El Cajon actually takes their bore jobs there, so if you go direct you cut the price in half.


Now my newest question is, will a 200W stator keep my headlights brighter at more than just near WOT?


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If you want bright headlights all the time ya gotta do a DC conversion...there is a lot of good write ups on this site explaining that process...

I am used to the whole dimming of headlights, but on my 250Rs they are bright just after idle. With my banshee I have to be almost WOT. There's no way I can make it similar to the 250R?

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