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  1. [emoji53] maybe my bike is just slow. Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. https://vimeo.com/128036718 also forgot to add that I fixed my idle! Turns out I didn't file enough off of the carb bodies when I deleted the TORS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. FINALLY figured out my DC conversion. Turns out I had some wires backwards because my regulator/rectifier had different color wires than every DC conversion write up on the forums. With that being said, I got a replacement LED pod for the one I burned up on AC. unfortunately they were a little different (?) so I just swapped the covers on the sides and installed the one. They work! I'll take a video at night sometime soon. So this is how she sits for now. I got some black acorn style lug nuts, and I still need to put the seat cover on, and I have a new chain on the way. That'll be it for now. My wedding is coming up so I gotta save some cash for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Do they eventually wear down enough that I will be able to slide in the corners? Haha I have some new ones and they are fuckin planted, man.
  5. Craigslist. Just stay away from sand geckos and sand sharks. Worthless tires. Just about any razor you find will be good, but you can just run normal stock tires in front. You don't really need razors. I run them now but I never did for most of my life. If you're going to spend the money, go with Skat Trak Edge or ITP Sand Stars are great as well. Especially if you don't care about weight.
  6. In other news, I am back. I took a little break to do a few things, leave for a work trip and join an organization. Nothing really new to update; I got some black acorn style lug nuts. That's about it. As I said in my post above, today I worked with my DC Conversion and I am struggling. I floated my ground, routed my wire and connected it to my rectifier. I made a shitty temporary mount where the TORS box was mounted using a giant zip tie off of an H-60 tail rotor. I connected my negative (black, duh) wire to the switch harness's black wire and when I started the quad, I got a green LED from my rectifier. Then I hooked up my ground temporarily and spliced my positive DC wire into my yellow (positive?) lighting wire. I lost my LED and the lights didn't work. Can someone help me? I keep finding posts about DC converting with a battery. Everyone has been saying it's not necessary with LEDs, but nobody has done a write up or seems to even be able to give me some guidance.
  7. Frank I hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread for a minute, but does anyone have a specific installation DIY or schematic for a Reg/Rec DC Conversion without battery for LEDs? I posted on the BHQ Facebook page a few times and I always get the "use the search function" and a link to the usual DC conversion forum with a battery. I need something specific!
  8. So far, yes. I haven't touched it in a while so now I'm messing with it. I've got the ground floated, my rectifier ground mounted and negative wire soldered to the negative on the harness. But now I am having trouble placing the positive. More to follow from Jeff's house of hacked harnesses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. vrx46, Thank you for the kind words. I have ran the tires already and was worried I wouldn't like them, but they run great. You won't be disappointed. gusto, I have been on the BHQ Facebook page more nowadays than the forum so I've been talking a lot with people there. One guy told me that I could use a bridge rectifier, which I think is what you are referring to. In my case, I purchased a universal regulator rectifier. I have it all figured out now, I just haven't had the time to tear the quad down enough to where i can chase the harness through the whole frame and set it up. I just hope I don't ruin anything in the process.
  10. Okay so I'm sitting on the floor in my garage right now trying to float my ground on my stock stator. I finally figured out which wire to unsolder on the stator, but which wire on my eBay universal rectifier do I solder to the stator? Beyond that, what do I do here? Man, I have searched and read other threads and this shit is still kicking my ass. I'm a helicopter mechanic and that shit is easy. This is killing me. Haha so sad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Gusto, sorry for the long delay in response. I've been away on business. I just ordered a rectifier and will be doing the mod shortly. No pics this update, but I did get my seat cover in and it's just waiting to be installed. I also purchased some jugs on the BHQ Facebook page that are ported for a 4 mil. They will probably sit on my shelf for a while until I can afford to have them bored, get new Pistons and a 4 mil crank, but I am excited. I didn't think it was too bad of a deal at $170 shipped. Hopefully you all will agree. Super excited to go 4 mil. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks man. I am awful with rattle cans, so I was real hesitant to do it but I'm satisfied. I figured polyurethane would hold up too. Today I dropped my shee off at my dad's weld shop to fix the cracks I found. Nothing else too exciting to report. I blew out a head light running AC so I'm going to get hot on the DC mod. The ebay seller was nice enough to send me a new light as a warranted item. I also ordered a black seat cover. Again, nothing too exciting. Sent from my Toy Hauler at Glamis
  13. Rattle canned my hubs today. I think they turned out okay. I used semi gloss aircraft grade polyurothane. It should hold up very well. Sent from my Toy Hauler at Glamis
  14. Dirty that's a good question. Kind of the input I'm looking for. I'm trying to do this as cost effective as possible. Sent from my Toy Hauler at Glamis
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