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Found 11 results

  1. I have a banshee every thing stock except toomey t5s k&n pod air filters air box delete I was thinking of getting my motor done I ride dunes only I like doing hills ,tree shots ,drag racing friends . What kind of build would you recommend like for example 4 mil 421 serval I want a pump gas reliable build and could you give me a rough estimate of how much something like that would cost for parts and what most people charge for labor ,thanks
  2. If your not interested or just have nothing better to do, don't bother commenting.4mil stock cylinder banshee motor, hot rods 4mil crank trued and welded with tz bearing, r1 clutch, 1 piece billet head with 21cc domes, lots of port work done by SST Racing, boost ports on the intake side, no chain whack, no patches or welds, 150 psi even on each cylinder, passed the leak down with flying colors, runs on straight race fuel. The motors hauls ass and kepted up with 4mil cubs, super torquey and was a super fun duner-$1300 and add another $125 for shipping plus fees
  3. Hey guys, just had a brand new motor thrown in my 2003 banshee, second time riding it, was going and just stopped running altogether. Last time I blew it I seized the piston, but this time it just has a lot of compression and won't run for longer than a second if I can get it to kick over at all. Looked down and my front sprocket came off. Don't think it's related to the other issue but thought I'd throw it in there. Anyways what do you guys think it could be? Both plugs looked good, it kicks, has compression. Think it's blown or is it a different issue?
  4. Dune ported stock cylinder and stroke banshee motor,170psi on each cylinder,Redline dune port, cylinders are on an even 65.00mm bore, Cool head and I have no clue what domes are in it, but was told to run straight 110, Hinson clutch pusher, NEW cascade clutch pak, billet water impeller, ultra-lightweight billet racing dipstick, zero chain whack, new 13t sprocket for whatever thats worth. $950 shipped plus paypal fees
  5. '99 Banshee motor Found a cub motor and took this out of my bike. Built by Shaun at Top Dog racing in Damascus,OR. I have all the receipts and the dyno sheet for this motor, 50hp with t5s on pump gas. Polished clutch cover with RIS designs flame dipstick, waterpump and clutch insert, billet impeller(brand unknown), Driveline HD clutch pack with springs, coolhead with 20cc domes, clean up port on the cylinders. Call,text or PM me Joe 971-221-6086 $800 + plus shipping
  6. Anything not listed is SOLD. Front brake calipers - $50 Front hubs - $20 Blue drag cut plastics spray painted black - $100 Alba six pack rack- $40 Stock intakes - $25 Stock carbs - $140 add another 50 for K&N filters w/ black outerwears Stock Spindles pc'd black off a '99 - $35 Stock clutch cover polished - $40 Stock jugs w/nice clean up port 64.50mm - $200 Stock reed cage w/Boyeseen Pedals - $40 Boost bottle - $15 Stock ignition w/NGK boots - $25 Dynatek programmable CDI off an 87' - $125 Clutch linkage w/ rod and ball - $20 Magneto off an 87' - $50 Complete transmission - $150 Clean matching cases w/ no chain whack or JB patches - $150 Yellow radiator shroud w/ stock grill, black drag cut front fenders modified for desert tank, 5 gallon IMS tank, would like to sell as a set - $220 Stock seat w/ aftermarket cover - $80 8 paddle Sand devils for 10 inch rims - $60 Coolhead w/20cc domes - $90 key switch off an 87' w/ key - $20 Jim Duncan Full Race Port 65.00mm bore, needs a new stud and water seal - 165 shipped Dune Port for stock stroke 65.00mm bore - $285shipped clean up port, very well done,65.00mm bore - $200 shipped Call or text Joe or pm 971-221-60eight6
  7. I have been busy and unable to keep on top of the part out. So I'm just gonna re post and start over. Sorry to anyone that I didn't respond to. I know I'm to list prices, but I'll except offer. I have everything but carbs, PM or text 814-558-5431 with an offer or ask for a prices and I'll search it on eBay. Can't upload a pic. But I will send upon request! Have pro circuit pipes, nice plastic, Thank you for your time. May part out motor
  8. I have an 02 700 twin that I would like to part out. The quad was running when it was tore down, the only part that was bad is the one rod bearing on the crank has play in it, heard it knockin and shut her down before anything broke. Have all parts, can't list them all but If you are interested in anything PM me or text 814-558-5431. For pics. NAME YOUR OWN PRICES, NO OFFERS REFUSED!!!
  9. decided to put together a banshee and auction if off for tornado victims in Moore. My house is roughly 50 yards from homes that are totally lost. I'm hoping to get donations and spend a little cash and build a shee. Need Basically everything. I have a frame being shipped in and getting ready for the build. Please let me know if there is anything you guys can donate or sell on the cheap. i'll be posting pics of the progress as we get closer. my name is Cody 4058089666. please hit me up and i really appreciate you guys taking the time. this is the best site/community i've ever come across and look forward to working with you guys.. THANKS
  10. 97 banshee. Bought it 3 weeks ago the guy saaid it had the big bore on it. And running k&n eye filters I cleaned them and used protective oil. Did that last week. Rode it pretty good yesterday gave her a good riding.Wet fishing got back jumped on her fired right up no problems. Got a bit down the rode ran outta gas, pushed it back put gas in, fired right up no problems. Let my buddy ride it and I watched him go down the road and the bike started bogging and then locked up the tires and came to a skidding hault. I went up to see what was happening and the kick won't move. If I move the kick back and kinda let off of it and push the kick back again I can get it to cycle down . But won't budge when I try to kick it. I tried to pop start it and nothing it just dragged the tires. Help me please and thank you. The bike wasn't running hot either.
  11. I am selling 421 serval motor complete and it has the following pro lite pistons, cool head domes cut by andy to run av fuel, vforce3 reed and spacers and stuffers. This motor will come with stator and has a billet clutch basket. Now the motor only has about 1 and half tank ran though it and thats no lie its all new. I will try to have pics by the end of the weekend. Please make offers i'm not quite sure what i should ask for it. I also have small bore cpi inframes that are pretty much brand new $500 for them. I also have 34 tm carbs for $250. Everything is pretty much new.
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