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Found 10 results

  1. Whats up guys. I have these carbs and I decided I do not want to run them. I've taken them apart and cleaned them. Looks like they are running 200 main jets and I haven't looked at the pilot but if you're interested let me know and I will check for you. So, I am looking to trade for some other parts. What I have: - Two complete Kehnin carbs, one K&N style air filter and joint (if I find the others I will send it too, I'd imagine they are together somewhere but I'm not sure I even have them), throttle cable (needs 1 new adjuster), needles and assembly, caps. - Chinese "Stock" Carbs What I need: - Stock carbs (complete), boots, the connector pipe, reeds and reed cages, spacers and the bolts if you have them. - Anti-T.O.R.S. throttle cable for stock carbs - Air filters/stock air box and filter(s) What I want: - Toomey T5 pipes (or similar): Don't care if they are pretty just minimal dents - DC Conversion kit I will add to this once I know more. Cash can be added on either end. Let's work out a deal. Reverb Feedback: https://reverb.com/shop/rys-gear eBay Feedback: https://www.ebay.com/usr/guitarfreak2109 You can also text me (951) 662-6847 I am located in Buena Park, California and I prefer in person but I am willing to ship.
  2. Up for sale are my gently used Chariot Billet Intakes and Chariot Billet Reed Cages. I want to sell these as a kit, so please don't ask. I installed these with Chariot Billet Intakes, Chariot Billet Reed Cages and a Chariot Billet Timing Plate set to +4* timing advance. With these mods I could pull 6th gear with 20" Sand Skate II 8 paddles in Pismo with stock 14/41 gearing. Before these mods I couldn't shift into 6th at all. Chariot is selling the internal cross-over billet intake for $147 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chariot-Banshee-Billet-Intakes-26-30-carb-Crossover-VForce-2-3-4-/252361540262?hash=item3ac1eb82a6:m:mloFOmdYxyNX428-ou9Ijvg&vxp=mtr Chariot is selling the billet reed cages with Boyesen 2 Stage Reeds for $170 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chariot-Banshee-Billet-Reed-Cages-Better-THAN-V-Force-/281679155262?hash=item419562d03e:m:mQiUSx_OuClf0SVTwBdmZ5w&vxp=mtr I'll let these go for $230 Paypal'd and I'll cover Paypal fees and shipping to the lower 48 states. I found the genuine Mikuni Boots on eBay for an Arctic Cat Snowmobile. Comes with everything you see here.
  3. Ok so I'll make it simple for now there's more mods to the motor, but for now I'm currently running stock carbs and vforce reeds what do you guys think if I put a 2 in 1 intake on a 4 mill?? Will it loose power? Can it gain more power? Better throttle response? More speed less speed? Good or bad idea? What are the pros and cons of a 2 in 1 on a 4mill? If good idea what size carb is good and what intake? Thanks for the help
  4. Hello everyone! I recently bought my second banshee (4mill). Bike is 2000 with stroker, Coolhead 21 or 19cc domes believe, vforce reeds, r1000 clutch, magura hydralic clutch lever, +4 timing advance, t5's, tors eliminator, bored .030 over,running 50:1 ratio, stock carb(don't know current jetting) that's all I can think of right now motor. Bike is strong and fast as shit! It starts 1-2 kicks every time and idles fine. Problem is 1-2 gear has really bad low end throttle response and at times bogs. Once it catches speed bike takes off and problem goes away. I'm thinking it's jetting? I'm horrible when it comes to that
  5. I bought a banshee last summer with a trinity stage 4 2 to 1 carb/intake on it. Would like to go back to 2 to hopefully gain some power. It is currently bored to 358 (65 mm cylinders). Suggestions or advice?
  6. I'm located in Stockton, CA. Stock Reed Cages & Gaskets $30 shipped I'll cover shipping you cover paypal fees.
  7. I have been busy and unable to keep on top of the part out. So I'm just gonna re post and start over. Sorry to anyone that I didn't respond to. I know I'm to list prices, but I'll except offer. I have everything but carbs, PM or text 814-558-5431 with an offer or ask for a prices and I'll search it on eBay. Can't upload a pic. But I will send upon request! Have pro circuit pipes, nice plastic, Thank you for your time. May part out motor
  8. Hey guys, for some reason I have had no hits on my part out. So I'm reposting and listing my price. All prices are shipped, have pics of everything just won't upload. If interested PM me or txt 814-558-5431. Bottom end, good crank, bearings feel good with new seal kit- $ 550 OBO Stator- $40 Cdi- $60 Air box with lid + aftermarket filter - $45 All 4 intake boots with reeds and boost bottle- $50 Head- $25 Aftermarket seat no rips- $45 Plastics, nice, yellow, monster graphics- $200 OBO Gas tank- $50 Swing arm with carrier-$60 Axle and hubs, not bent with brake and sprocket rotors $100 OBO Rear caliper with hose- $60 Rear brake peddle and master cylinder withe res.- $50 Radiator with hoses and cap- $40 Steering stem with bar clamps and bushings- $40 Tie rods- $35 Front calipers with pads and hoses- $55 Front spindles with rotors and hubs- $60 Aftermarket bumper- $45 A arms- $65 Sure I'm forgetting alot but I have it. If you don't was something you need get ahold of me. Thank you!
  9. hey everyone, i bought mayself another banshee, in overall good shape. it does need new crank seal (stator side) and a top end. they guy told me that the head studs were stripped out and that was the only issue. i found the seal issue and that the cylinders will need bored if anyone is gonna buy them. they are stock but the studs on top have thread inserts holding them in, IT IS COMPLETE, but i will list some...ALL PRICES ARE PLUS SHIPPING AND OBO!! for more info or picture of parts text 814-558-5431 or PM me. what you see is what you get. air box, filter and lid- $50 intake boots (all 4)- $35 nice plastics yellow monster energy- make offer rims and tires- $80 rear $75 front rear axle and carrier- $85 seat no rips w/ cover- $55 radiator- $40 reed cages and reeds- $40 Boost bottle $20 Swingarm- $60 complete motor ( cylinders need bored out but are stock, have seals just need put in- make offer a arms- Make offer tie rods- $40 steering stem- $40 stator (belive its aftermarket)- $75 CDI box- $60 Coil- $50 Harness- $40 key and on off switch- $45 Carbs with slides and cable- $85 thumb throttle- $30 Flywheel- $75 sprockets- $40 both Rear brake system- $70 front brake system- $75 rear hubs- $35 Front spindles- $55 Handle bars- $25 Gas tank- $40 kick start- $35 shocks- make offer headlights- $45 bumper (aftermarket)- $45 wheelie bar- $20 pro circuit pipes- make offer shock linkage, misc nuts and bolt and whatever i am missing make offer.
  10. Want to get rid of the last of the pieces for my Banshee part out. have several misc. things that still have yet to be sold. want them gone as soon as possible to make room for the next part out! if your interested in any parts, or have any questions PM me or text 814-558-5431 for pictures. i may have some other parts im forgetting so just ask. all prices are PLUS SHIPPING. thank you! air box with filter and lid- $50 Steering stem with clamps and mounts- $40 Seat(small rip nothing major)- $30 intake boots (both sides of carbs)- $20 Motor mounts and mount bolts- $20 Radiator- $35 wheelie bar- $15 rear rims (with junk tires)- $60 front rims(decent stock tires)- $50 gas tank- $50 brake light- $20 gas tank and radiator plastics (yellow good shape)- $50 front and rear fenders( purple not the best but no brakes or flex marks)- $55 front bumper- $30 stock pipes(full sets no rust great shape)- $70 clutch side covers- $20 stator covers- $20 cables and levers(clutch and throttle pair)- $15 cool head 25 domes- $35 stock front shocks (pair)- $70 adjustable front shocks (pair red)- $80 rear shock- $40 old set of nerf bars- $30 front brakes- $55 front spindles(pair)- $60 have more im forgetting have new bearing and seal kits ect. prices are OBO but wont give them away
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