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Found 7 results

  1. I have a banshee every thing stock except toomey t5s k&n pod air filters air box delete I was thinking of getting my motor done I ride dunes only I like doing hills ,tree shots ,drag racing friends . What kind of build would you recommend like for example 4 mil 421 serval I want a pump gas reliable build and could you give me a rough estimate of how much something like that would cost for parts and what most people charge for labor ,thanks
  2. A family friend is selling there Polaris outlaw 525 ( the one with swing arm) and I currently have a banshee with pipes and a few other mods both run good mainly ride dunes not sure if I should keep the banshee or go for the outlaw both bikes run good give me your opinions let me know if you want more info the years are 2003 banshee and the outlaw is 2008
  3. Hey guys, I have a problem with my banshee that runs great with no loose in power or bogging in flat dunes or pavement and pulls really good. However, when I ride on the dunes and trying to get uphill starting from the 1st gear to 2nd once I pull the 3rd or sometimes 2nd it looses all the power while im uphill and I need to downshift to 2nd and 1st for the banshee to hits its power. Sometimes it bogs when I downshift to the 1st and have to push the throttle really fast to have the power comes right to save me making the downhill hahaa. If I want it to pull its hardest power, I have to ride a little distance before the hill and try to make it hit the powerbond 1st, 2nd and then to 3rd gear and it goes fine uphill (all with WOT) but as soon as I take the throttle little bit off nooo all power will be lost and need to downshift. I tried my friend banshee that has T5 and it pulls and make its power in 1 sec and he can upshift when he is riding uphill unhill the 3rd gear but mine upshift in that situation will make it loose the power I need to downshift to 1st or 2nd to wake it up. Mods: Stock carbs and stock cylinder and piston (factory). 1 to 1 big K&N filter with factory airbox and lid. Pro-circuit pipes. V4 Reeds I have no idea about the size of jetting because the shop has put in all the mods. Elev: 2000-2300 ft Temp: 50-68 F Your help and advice will be highly appreciated.
  4. Just bought an '06 banshee, and they came with ITP sand star 20x11-10R paddles (front and rear). Anyone have any experience with these? They any good?
  5. Hey guys, I need some opinions on which set of pipes would be best for the most power. My mods are listed below -.060 super ultra stroker pistons -4 mill vitos stroker crank -keihin 35mm 2:1 carb -cool heads with 22cc domes -155lb of compression -fmf gold series pipes -k&n air filter without airbox lid I do alot of trail riding, dune riding, pretty much all riding. This bike was recently dynoed by MacDaddy racing and made 61.28 hp @ 9,670rpm I was debating between rocket drag style pipes or shearer drag pipes and want your guys's opinions on which would be best for me. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking to change out sprockets and chain before dune season and was wondering what size of sprockets to run. Right now I have 14/41 but was wondering if there is a better set up for dunning. Not drags or hill shooting, just dune riding in Glamis. And what chain should I go with? Thanks
  7. Is there anyone in the southern Alabama, SE Mississippi, Eastern Louisiana, Western Florida, or anywhere close enough by to drive to the 36569 area code? I have a good sand pit to ride and need more people. This will stand for at least the next 2 years. Other than the dunes, I have 2 decent woods trails that are open outside of hunting season (deer). These are on family land and will be open for several, several years. Each place is free to ride in. I have limited free lodging available as well. PM me for contact info and details.
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