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  1. Looking for a banshee or 2 stroke mechanic in Nebraska. Long story short, I let a kid ride mine on a hot day and wasn't paying attention. I do t think he got out of first gear much. I got on and rode for a minute then it sputtered and died. For a while it wouldn't turn all the way over, like it was stuck, but after moving it in gear I could get it to turn over. Got mad and got it started one day but it sounds hurt.
  2. I used the business card again since that seemed to get it started last time.
  3. @375hp banshees I reset the pickup gap. I had previously tested the resistance on all the things. Sounds like i need to get a new CDI. Appears they can cause intermittent issues? I shut the fuel off but didnt let the carbs run out of fuel. Is that a must?
  4. So after it sat for less than a week I can't get it started again. It ran fine other than bogging a bit in second gear. Checked the pick up again and it hasn't moved. Re-seated the ground on the regulator again. Nothing. Any ideas?
  5. Welp guys. Tried two things tonight. Re seated the ground on the rear and moved the pickup closer to the flywheel. A business cards worth. She fired right up!! Only thing now is left side seems a little cold coming out of the tailpipe but otherwise runs good.
  6. Should I be able to see the key? Flywheel feels tight. No slop. Carb slides are in correctly. Half moon to the back. Tried to add picture but said it was too big.
  7. I didn't pull exhaust. Spark seems to be blue and not orange. So assuming that's OK.
  8. First time posting. I bought a barn find 2003 Banshee. Carbs were off so I rebuilt them and did the tors delete. Unplugged everything not needed. I seem to have spark but doesn't even attempt to fire even with starting fluid or a little fuel in the cylinder. I don't know much about it other than it has a cool head and T6 exhaust. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I'll be looking for a banshee mechanic in Omaha Ne. Ha!
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