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  1. Rodney good to see your still kicking.Hope you and the family are doing well.I still lurk around here often just don't post much,
  2. I have folded two sets of much cheaper upper a arms.Lonestar and Quicksand.Both company s offered+supplied free replacement parts,once i returned lunched parts.
  3. I assume so Mike,never been there.Him+his buddy's Chris+mike were hard core New Yorker's .Forgettaboutit!!!!!,They could sling some serious bs as well as take it.
  4. The owner eric is a good guy,He has built some hard running bikes for shure.Rode with him and his buddys from new york on one of our glamis trips years agow.
  5. Viewing your jetting specs your pilet looked lean to me.Confirming this is the fact that the air screw is in all the way.I would up the pilets at least one size,center the air screw,and dial in as needed.Also i was not aware toomey had needles available for 28 pwk's.I have always had good results from useing the jjh needles.
  6. 48 pilot,JJH needle,165 mains,assuming your around sea level,at about 60 deg temp.
  7. Is it gun drilled?what is the ambient temp?who's on first?is there gas in the car?
  8. Possibly Gary of quicksand racing.
  9. Yes,I would highly recommend,their services. Ieon the owner recently rebuilt two pairs of custom shocks for myself.Excellent work,very reasonable price,+fast turn around time.
  10. 168-165 should be pig fat and a safe place to start.jjh needle,48 pilot.Probably end up around a 160-162.
  11. Not many options here.If you can locate someone to do the job,be prepared to basically to write a blank check+hopefully be satisfied with the results.Located a used outlaw or protrax set up.Or build your own.Whatever method chosen total cost will be north of 70000.I chose the 3rd option.
  12. I would highly recommend Matt from so cal susp if he is back in the game,He rebuilt my rear shock,did a great job+had back to me in ashort time frame.Im on the eastcoast + just used a new guy to rebuild two sets of front shocks.Iean of Monster performance out of NY.I would highly recommend his services he is very knowledgeable+very reasonable
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