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Laeger rebuild


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After a disapointings seasons racing its time to rebuild the laeger. I finished up 3rd in the Ulster Championship, 3rd in the irish and 4th in the southern. Reliability being my main holding back factor in the races with alot of overheating. On the plus side i won most of the races in all championships beating 480 4pokes etc.


Going in to Premier (or A) class next year over here which im aiming for tp 15 atleast.


Gona try and update this with pics as much as i can. Got the bike pritty much stripd last night with just the old engine to take out, stem and the a-arms.


The plan for next year at the minute is a 421 cheeta. Will make a bit of a change from my 350 at the minute. Trying to make the bike as light as i can for next year 2. cant w8 till its finish....

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Look into getting a nice rz350 ported top end. You can open up the exhaust pretty big and still have good low end because of the powervalves. Have a ton of top end, plus the bottom end still. Are you running gncc type racing or is it more motocross/supercross?


Anything you need help with in getting over to Ireland, give me a message and I'll see what I can do. I'll ship anything over to you without a problem, if the company wont ship worldwide, just get it shipped to my place and I'll ship it to you, as long as you pay for the shipping. Been on here for a while and have seen how a lot of company's wont ship out of the U.S., which I think is pretty crappy, just looking to help a fellow hq'er out.

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Thanks for the offer but we dont really have much bother with postage at the minute. Its just the VAT that we have to pay when the goods arrive here is pritty anoying.


We are intending to get a set of trinity powervalve cheeta cylinders but not tuned by them. There isnt really anything more i can do to the setup i have at the minute without getting differnent cylinders. Im not looking for low down power. The banshee is a revy engine and ive learnt to ride it like that. O and i only race mx....its like GNC....


Heres a few pictures of what the bike was like b4 and what stage its at at the minute.






Hitting berms at about 40mph isnt good.... broken laeger a-arm and bent tie rod


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Paint them pipes while you at it!


I agree with the above posters, a Cheeta PV is NOT the way to go for MX. A set of ported stockers is better, the Cheetah cylinders even with the PVs, are all top end, you would have to spend a shit ton of money detuning them to even be able to keep up with an MX ported stocker on an MX track.

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With the motor your talking about youde be blowing by corners trans breaking wouldent cut it. Throtle control would be rediclous, never pinning it in 2nd 3rd gear forget about it, you would be overshooting everything. You would be getting pulled back from the uprite position you are wanting to be. Its just to much. Not to mention with the stock swingarm even a -1 you would be spining out of control and that would suck since your changing terain at every track youde never know youde want a +2 and that would suck.


With the RZ350 PV motor ported would actualy use the PVs which would be good for holeshots and picking up to higher RPMs and you can make one of them a very broad powerfull motor. Only problem would be getting pipes to fit but if you want something bad enough it can be done all at the same probably less than a cheetah.

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I dont mean to be rude but i dont think any of you are getting my point. The setup i have at the minute is not quick enuff..especially on the tracks im racing on. My engine has at the minute

-Mid to top end port job

-Vitos head w 18cc dones

-28mm carbs bored and D shaped to 30mm

-Modified standard reed blocks to use single reed

-Duncan billet intake

-Dynatek fully programable ignition with custom made curves

-Toomey T5 pipes (used tohave paul turner midranges but swaped because not enough top end)

-Custom made airbox with honda 450 filter

-Hinson outer basket with machine inner hub and pressure plate to allow 8 plates to be used

-Gas flowed casings

-Shift star mod.


Another thing is that when im racing i dont get tired when i come in from races. The way i want it to be is i have a good fast bike so that the only thing that would be holding me back is my fitness, which i itend to improve further over the winter. I want more top end. Im not in need of low down power. The powervalves will help give a smoother power delivery along with the dynatek?


As for breaking, YFZ450 calipers are a very good improvement over stock. Bought a Brembo rear caliper aswell that has to be fitted.


Thinking of changing pipes to trinity stage 4's as they might work better with the cheeta


Just another thing to add..if anyone is looking for more power and an easier bike to ride..Get a dynatek. Unreal the difference in speed and how much easier the bike is to ride. Best thing we'v bought for the quad yet.

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Im a fella Irish rider an i have seen this boy on this banshee twice and he certainly does not spare the horses. I was very impressed and its so good to see a banshee right up there mixing it with the 10grand 4strokers!!


Cheers mate. Gud 2 see the 2 strokes have a little bit of support over here among all the 4 strokes.

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That bike is about as fast around a track as your going to make it unless you throw in a 4mil and/or an RZ engine. Contrary to what you think the 421 Cheetah PV is going to do a slower lap around an MX track then what you have right now. I hope some people who have experience with Cheetahs will chime in here, trust me, it is not anything you want to put on a track. Meant for dunes and drags only.

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