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Laeger rebuild


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ny- i think its a laegers frame.... 250r geomatry... swinger a arms all that shit for a 250r...

real nice bike...

i never rode a 421 PV but i bet its nice... not sure about on mx.... but he says he ready for it .... i love to see people go aganist the grain..... i hope you love the 421 and fuck all the 4 choaks up.....

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Yea its a laeger frame..one of the very first 6 to be made (first 6 dont accapt a larger radiator) has cr 500 rear linkage....handles like a dream. better than the modern 450's in the real rough stuff. never ridden a bike that handles as gud as this...wouldnt change it 4 anythin

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I have personally had one of the original Cheetah PV motors and actually I had the very first set ever built. They were in my bike for testing before Trinity ever bought the rights to them and I can attest that they are very powerful and the PV's do smooth out the power delivery. The only thing I will suggest is stick with smaller Carbs maybe 33's or no bigger than 35's. Also run your compression under 200LBs per cylinder. The Cheetah cylinders do not like alot of compression. Another thing to consider is dropping in a 4MM stroke crank. They (trinity) sells the cylinders already setup for the stroke and that will give you quite a boost in power. Also do as you alread ythought and go with the Trinity pipes, I have them and love them, IMO they are the best all around pipe out there.


Once you get you motor combo built and running you must spend some time tuning the Dyna box to tune for your riding style. this box like you said earlier is absolutely awesome. I can tune mine to put 85HP to the wheels or I can change the timing to keep all of my bottom end ppower but it signs off real early and make s the bike very managaeable on a tight technical track.

It sounds like you know exactly where you are headed and I wish you the best. Keep us informed of the progress.


I too have a Outlaw Chassis but mine is the Lonestar Version with PEP shocks and you are right there is nothing out there that handles like these bikes, they are so smooth and fun to ride. 4 strokes just do not have the fun factor IMO.




Yea i think we are going for 35mm airstriker carbs and also the +4mm crank aswell. Hoping this engine will give me that little bit more power and torque that i need. The dyna is unreal. At the minute we are running +4 degrees at the crank and as the bike goes up through thr rev range it adds up to an extra 24 degrees advance in the higher rpms. Being able to make our own curves is a very big help. Well my engine builder acually made them for us.


Thanks for the help and advice!


Its also good to be different among all the 4 pokes. A banshee turns heads more than the usual 4 poke...


I also got my results wrong. i got 3rd in the irish and 2nd in the southern ireland championships.


My new laeger a-arm and tie rod finally arrived from alba. After breaking one in an ulster championship. Just have to send the arms that are on the bike away to get chromed.

Just have to take these of and also the t-pin and swinger then take the old engine out then get the frame powdercoated again.

Just need to start ordering parts and finish striping the frame.

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He knows what he is doing. He has been tuning 2 stroke bikes all of his life. He isnt in it for the money to be made, just the love of what he does and doesnt want to be heard of. Just likes to keep quiet. He will build the engine any way i tell him to.....which is nice and smooth

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Frame is now fully striped apart from the swingarm as the bolts are either bent or ceased. They are going to get pressd out in next few days an then get a few small tabs that have broken off will need welded back on and then it will be going to get sand blasted.


Bought an ohlins/scotts steering stabliser for it so hopefully it should be a good improvement over the crappy PEP that only sorta works one way.

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Nice! Looks like some quality stuff. Got any more info on that rear Brembo? Does it need a special bracket.


I still don't think the cheetah is such a good idea, but otherwise, the bike looks bad assed!


Yea the brembo requires a new bracket to be made as the spacing between the holes is different...bought it because it was cheaper than buying another yam one.


Nothing much has really happened with the bike as havnt received any post at all lately. still w8ing on bits to come. Hopefully should get the frame and subframe to the powdercoating place next wk when they open again. Prac days start in 2 wks so gonna throw the old engine back in n do them while w8ing 2 get the cheetah...

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