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USA Banshee trip

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14 minutes ago, alcoholbanshee said:

Again with the threats............... Sorry brother i am me, you or nobody else will ever change that. Let me know when you are going to be around. Dunes would be fun, but you should really hit up me and JD and go run trails in baldwin.   

Just busting your balls, im sure we'll have fun.

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The riding on the east coast will be hot. You guys can crash with me in NC. There is a general riding park about 40 min away but the riding is not that great. There are several good mx tracks within 2 hrs. Beer is on me..

June 23 is going to be a big event at busco beach in goldsboro, nc. A few east coasters will be there.



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I'm going to Cuba or Mexico late June.

USA trip will be in July. I'll try to meet you for sure.


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On 5/24/2018 at 12:37 PM, Yeepo said:

come to Jersey, best riding hands down

If you have the property owners permission there is plenty of varied conditions to ride in south jersey.... trails, sand, hills (small ones at the sand plants) be ready to bag ass there though the security guys at the plants are pricks...

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16 hours ago, DDQ said:

You told guys traveling hundreds of miles that they need to go to NJ. Now you said NJ sucks.

Were you just going to completely fuck over the guys driving all way from Canada on purpose?

They weren't interested on NJ anyhow, relax

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