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Any shops that can remove this Flywheel?

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I wonder if any members on here is local and has a welder. Or you could cut it off but might still have the issues of the taper stuck to the crank.
Well Spurdy posted some pictures of his above and it doesn't look to bad or hard to do. Like he said, just have to take your time so you don't damage the crank or stator. I'm tired of dealing with this haha I have a trip at the end of December and this damn flywheel is stopping me from moving forward!

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Clean the area on the flywheel that will be welded with a flap wheel, same for the puller. Take it to a local muffler shop or machine type shop. They should be able to weld that for you in a minute if you have the prep work done. If ya can find a place local, that would be much easier and cleaner than cutting it off.

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If someone has already had a 3 jaw puller on it there is a good chance that the woodruf key has rocked in the keyway. Once that happens your best bet is to tighten the nut down and try to reseat the flywheel. Then pull again. Last time I had that happen I couldn't get it to reseat. The key dug into the keyway on the flywheel and there was no way it was going to be pulled off. I bent a set of 2" thick cross beams in a hyd press trying to press the flywheel off.

Have to be careful reseating it also. I snapped off the threaded end of a crank once also and the had to bore into the crank and add a threaded rod to repair it on a brand new crank.

Once I cut the flywheel off there was a nice little gouge mark perpendicular to the keyway where the key had gotten wedged.

So welding the flywheel puller to it may not work if this is the case.

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most likely the last person used a impact gun on the nut and this is the end result. if u do get the flywheel off i would check everything real good with dial indicator since the crank snout now looks like hamburger. personally i would probly put it in the scrap like tricked said. next time put small bit of grease or something an the shaft and only tighten the nut to what the book says with torq wrench

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