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  1. theres already billet cases. i dont think theres any market unless you could sell for alot less than the other brand. check out what these guys do with casted stuff. thats how i would roll honestly https://brcracing.ca/brc500-my17-21/
  2. im gettin a serval soon an portin dat bish like a cub. besta both worlds doe
  3. locos a legend bruh. he own bhQ facebooK i think. an jetskeeHQ
  4. shee frames aint even worth 2 jimmy dean bowls and pabst blue ribbon tall boy
  5. no i think athena and driveline r da same. nobody copied cubs that i know of
  6. suprised those rotten suns a beetches never tried knocking the cubs. maybe they couldnt figure out how to do it
  7. i been avoiding china shit for years. cost me alot of extra money but fuk it. i dont like buying junk
  8. rattle ray knocked off chariot ? i thought he was just reselling chariots clutch covers as a distributor
  9. some kentucky hillbilly didnt know the seals have a rib
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