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  1. ya name 1. there welders suck. power tools suck. shee cyl suck.
  2. +6 vitos key and +4 on da plate should b just bout rite
  3. alot of that stuff u have to figure out on ya own. usually the carb jet hole is drilled out because its not big enuff 4 methanol but u could buy the biggest jets and c if it will work. and larger float bowl same with needle. get a rich 1 and see if its enuff. and usually ya need a pv 4 additional fuel at full throttle compression ,ign timing and other shit ya just gotta figure out or find sumbody wit dat same engine and they can help ya youll chug more fuel so is ya tank big enuff ? then youll be carrying some extra weight race gas might b a betta choice 4 u
  4. trick racing seems popular. are they a sponsor here ?
  5. nobody got shees no more. all about jetskeez now bruh
  6. i dont get it. takin peeps monies if ya aint got no cluez
  7. yur da guinny pig ? getcha motor back b4 its more fuked up
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