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Found 22 results

  1. Anyone happen to have a set of cpi silencers for sale please contact me 404-937-0993. Text message will be great. PayPal ready
  2. Can’t find any online put some pictures up please
  3. Can’t find any online put some pictures up please
  4. Can’t find any online put some pictures up please
  5. Trying to sell my dmc 916s to buy some slp's. Asking $450. They were just soda blasted, freshly polished, repacked with less than 20 minutes on them. No dents, very clean!
  6. I have a 4 mil stock cylinder, dune ported, pump gas, 22cc domes, vf4, t5, stock carbs making 74hp done by Cam at Redline. It rips pretty damn good. I saved up over the past bit and decided to get CPI i.f. These pipes were the plan down the road from the beginning, I just didn't have the cash at the time. When I asked him if Id need bigger carbs for CPI he said no, "probably increase the pilot and maybe the main". However, I didn't ask if upgrading carbs would benefit or increase power much, "just if it was needed". My question is, will a bigger carb do much more for the performance? I'm concerned that my amateur tuning a new bigger carb will not benefit better than his expertise in tuning stocks. In the same breath Ill be rejetting as recommended so end up loosing his tune anyhow. Just hoping for some solid advice. just jet up?, new carbs?, what carbs? etc etc. My rides aren't all drag. treshots, sidehill etc. Sea level Thanks for the help!
  7. Ceramic coated black, un-stamped,small bore, in-frame cpi's. Comes with Cascade billet pipe clamps. $400 pp fees shipped Text or pm 971-221-6086
  8. For sale is a nice used set of small bore CPI’s with Cascade CSFX silencers. $480 shipped. Everything is in excellent condition with the exception of a few minor things that you will never see when it is installed. The first issue is a small dent on the inside of the left pipe where the head hits the pipe. I’ve seen that on a lot of CPI’s. Also on the left pipe is a small dent about 2 inches from the exhaust flange. The chrome on that flange is also starting to chip a little bit. The last issue is a smudge on one of the stinger tubes that looks like something got burned on it, but it won’t come off. All of these issues can be seen in the pictures below. Other than that there is no rust or discoloration to be found. Sale includes exhaust, stinger tubes, and silencers. No exhaust hangers, springs, clamps, or silencer bolts (that bolt the silencer to the frame) included. http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/benoit024/media/Full%20Exhaust_zpsaeedc0e6.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6 http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/benoit024/media/Silencers_zpsag9an59n.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3 http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/benoit024/media/Silencer%20End%20cap_zpsw0731cqy.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4 http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/benoit024/media/Left%20Pipe%20Dent_zpsqsocj6au.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/benoit024/media/Stinger%20Tube%20Smudge_zpsfagua8jz.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/benoit024/media/Left%20Pipe%20Flange_zpsuj6q0fbs.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  9. Hey guys, I need some opinions on which set of pipes would be best for the most power. My mods are listed below -.060 super ultra stroker pistons -4 mill vitos stroker crank -keihin 35mm 2:1 carb -cool heads with 22cc domes -155lb of compression -fmf gold series pipes -k&n air filter without airbox lid I do alot of trail riding, dune riding, pretty much all riding. This bike was recently dynoed by MacDaddy racing and made 61.28 hp @ 9,670rpm I was debating between rocket drag style pipes or shearer drag pipes and want your guys's opinions on which would be best for me. Thanks!
  10. Greetings all Looking for shearer or cpi inframes. Sb. Also, new to the site as member but have been reading and following for a couple years. Shout out from south AZ, where we ride alllll year long
  11. I have a nice set of Vito's Fat Bastard small bore inframe drag pipes with Shearer silencers id like to trade for a set of DMC 916 or Toomey T'5 http:// http:// Also have 3 sets of banshee carbs: Mikuni TM 28mm Flatslide , Keihin PJ34mm Polished, Keihin PWK35mm Interested in a lectron single 35mm or pair of 28mm Open to trades make me an offer. Wanted: Fullbore or Laker white YFZ 450 plastics.
  12. Looking for some pipes for my serval- what do you have? 3-400 range preferred
  13. hey guys, I do some MX'ing and also a few hare scrambles a year with an occasional grass drag.when I trail ride, I ride like im in a race at all times. I'm trying to decide to upgrade my pipes or not. I'm currently running pro circuits and I absolutely love them but my fear is that they may be limiting my 421 serval a bit. they hit nice and hard down low and have solid pull all the way through. I rode my buddies ported stock cylinder 4 mil with CPI pipes and they were absolutely gutless down low- I had to keep the r's up pretty high just to ride, while the power band may have hit harder (im not really sure I wasn't hooking well) the pro circuits seem to pull for A longer period of time because they hit so much earlier. what does everyone think?
  14. Hey, I just bought a serval top end kit and it comes with 23cc domes. I was wondering if this would be pump gas for me? I live at 150ft above sea level. I have 94 octane at my local gas station. The temp around here is 10-25 Celsius. I also need jetting help. My mods are 421 Serval 23cc domes 35mm Pwk's Cpi small bore inframes Vforce 4 Reeds Pods What jets should I get also what needle should I be at? Thanks
  15. FOR SALE $475 Shipped CPI BBSF Hand coned left side pipes built for a 465CC 10MM CUB. Pipes are in EXCELLENT condition, and were brand new AUG 2013. I need and am currently having right side pipes built so MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN! Brand new from CPI with chroming is over $600 before shipping. Kyle Wiedmayer 269-655-7588 Kalamazoo MI http://s1316.photobucket.com/user/wiedmakr/media/IMG_9308_zps2bfe3069.jpg.html?filters[user]=139110574&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&0=1 http://s1316.photobucket.com/user/wiedmakr/media/IMG_8884_zps976eb438.jpg.html?filters[user]=139110574&filters[recent]=1&sort=18&o=0 http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/wiedmakr/media/1146566_700702666612662_581820624_n_zps68b761b1.jpg.html?filters[user]=139110574&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=2 I will be at Atoka OK for the PSDA/PTN race let me know and I will bring them along!
  16. Looking for a nice set of Big Bore In Frame Shearer exhaust. Cash in hand Thanks in advance.
  17. I've got a stock banshee with K & N pods and CPI pipes. (my son's) It doesn't have much low end response and I'm looking to do a simple upgrade to get the most out of it. Was thinking this: cool head 20 or 21 cc domes (not sure which) riding at 1,300 feet V Force reeds (3 or ?) What am I missing or what should I consider? I have a similar set up with T5's and it runs strong and has for8 years with no engine work needed. I ride it pretty hard so I have been impressed. Thoughts?
  18. I am parting out my 87' Banshee, I decided it was time to sell it off. All prices include shipping, some prices negotiable. Paypal is preferred for payment. PM or E-mail me at e.taylor217@gmail.com with any questions. Rough set of CPI BB in-frames-250 Right hand attach flange cracked inside and out, had it welded once. Left Collector Dented/Chafed in two areas Mid-pipes and silencers are in moderate condition Toomey T-5's in ok condition. Repacked silencers have about 6hrs ride time on them-250 A few blemishes, dents. Toomey Spark Arrestors-115 Ims 4-gallon desert tank with dual pingel. No need to cut front plastic with this one-250 Nology Coil and Plug wires, comes with mounting bracket I made to mount it in the stock location-120 +6 round carrier swingarm, comes with chain, chain guides, and brake line- 260 Roundhouse Carrier-125 Stellar +2 +1 J-arms built for YFZ shocks, 10hrs ride time, I can include the hubs if wanted or i can break down, comes with extended dual brake lines-400 G-Force Extended rear axle-140 HLS Elite Series YFZ Shocks-350 PWK 35mm Airstrikers, comes with full compliment of jets-200 Picture doesn't show them but caps, slides and throttle cable are included. Exhaust Hangers and Cascade clamps-Make offer
  19. Looking for a nice set of used CPI or Shearer inframe sb pipes. Please post pics and price or send this info to my cell 715-307-2421
  20. houghkyle

    CPI Pipes

    Looking for a set of standard bore inframe CPI pipes for my 06 Banshee.
  21. Have a real nice set of cpi bb chrome. No dings or dents asking 400+ride text for pics 7608027824... can't load pic right now for some reason.
  22. Have a real nice set of cpi bb chrome. No dings or dents asking 400+ride text for pics 7608027824... can't load pic right now for some reason.
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