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Found 17 results

  1. Can’t find any online put some pictures up please
  2. I know this has been discussed before. I have an asphalt bracket Banshee that was for 13 years... up to 2 years ago, a stocker. I have T6's which worked great with the stock engine configuration. She finally quit on me due to excessive wear on internals. Not bad for 13 years of thrashing. I was able to get away with. 010 over and put OEM pistons and crank in with stock stroke, and had D&D Racing do a mild port with .020 cut head. I want to keep this thing reliable and consistent... As I said it's a bracket racer. The pipes I know are not meant for a ported engine, but Dale at D&D told me it will work with a little bigger outlet at the stinger end of the head pipe. Not sure I want to cut up the nice chrome pipes before I'm sure it will work. I could still fetch something out of them and try a different pipe, but it's not a wild build. I have been and will be using this solely for drag racing, so I need a high end power pipe.
  3. I have a 03 banshee with t3s on it air box mod, tors delete and im 335 elevation and usually ride in 60-90 degree weather. still has stock jets and i need to know what size jets i should use. THank you
  4. I have a set of Toomey t3 and I've tried to put them on my 02 and they don't can't get them to connect to the exhaust port I'm a noon help me please thank u
  5. Hello, very first post on here so If I mess something up be patient and help me out please. Selling my favorite, but least used ATV. 2001 Banshee YZ Blue Only 17 Hours on Machine, near Dayton Ohio. Stock Top and Bottom End, Never had a motor bolt removed, a gasket seal broken or a side cover off. Machine has never been muddy or wet and on its second time having the chain lubed ever. Air filter has never been Cleaned since installed, it doesn't need it, and as a 2 stroke snowmobile race engine builder I know how important clean air is to a 2 stroke. That why OEM garbage went in the trash and the Dura Blue kit went in. I bought this Brand new and did all the mods after the first tank of heavy premix break in fuel was used up. Needs nothing but a new good home with a loving owner, I thought back when I bought it as a HS Graduation present I’d have a son to pass it down to one day by now and still be into riding ATV’s a lot. Well as we all know life can give you changes, I’m more interested in farming now, no wife and no children. It’s WAY to nice for me to ride it around the farm and just put hrs on it, I have 2 400 Ex’s for that, I struggle to keep just enough fuel in it to keep it fresh and every few months run it so the carbs stay clean and the seals lubricated etc… I actually cleaned the carbs, (still has working TORS tops) first of April and have thought about it and decided I want to add another tractor to the stable so my prized Banshee is looking for a new family. I also have a 2007 CR250R (The Last One) that’s never been started and always set right beside the Banshee in a climate and humidity controlled room. When not farming I run a non franchised Power Sports repair business, est. 1989, and I collected ATV’s and Motorcycles in my younger days, now I collect tractors. Machine has never been wet while riding and only washed one time when it was nearly new, then I switched to just using air and wiping it off when it got dusty. Mods, performed by me in the power sports shop as professionally, diligently, and picky as you could possible do it. I’m a perfectionist, this thing had to be perfect, email me with any questions or give me a call. Look up T & J Sales New Madison, Ohio on Google, you’ll get phone number and a location. I can email you a set of 34 detailed pictures. Asking $6,500 for over $8,700 invested. Toomey T5 Pipe & Jet Kit V-Force Reeds Dura Blue Power Filter FMF 909 Clutch Lever Renthal Bars Silver Mx Grips Ceet Seat Cover Ceet Decal Kit Tiny Tach (17 hrs on it, still working.) DG Front Bumper E-Brake Block Off Motorsport Alloys Sportlite Wheels Duro Flat Track Rear Tires Duro Flat Track Front Tires Custom Machined Stainless Brake Rotor Water Temperature Gauge (in 01 Tiny Tac, Trail Tech didn’t make a water temp gauge I made my own.) Accessories Notes from my records file on it. 2001 YAMAHA BANSHEE 350 QTY. ORDER # DESC. Cost 1 YFZ350 BANSHEE $5,999.99 Tax $420.00 Title $15.00 TOTAL $6,434.99 Parts 1 T5KC T5 PIPE KIT CHROME $628.95 1 FMF 909 Clutch Lever $89.95 1 R6361-SI Renthal Bars Silver $84.95 1 BN910 Ceet Seat Cover $69.95 1 ZDYBAN001 Ceet Decal Kit $89.95 1 DRV144-2 V-Force Reeds $259.95 1 T226R-1C Tiny Tach $59.95 1 OR-7001 Mx Grips $6.95 1 D55-4001 Dg Bumper $89.95 1 LS21-0305 E-Brake Block Off $11.95 1 1956k Dura Blue Power Filter $64.95 4 Motorsport Alloys Sportlite Wheels $320.00 2 Duro Flat Track Rear Tires $180.00 2 Duro Flat Track Front Tires $160.00 Sub Total $2,117.45 Tax $148.22 TOTAL $2,265.67 GRAND TOTAL $8,700.66
  6. Need a nice set of chrome or nickel toomeys, paypal ready.
  7. Hey guys first post here I just bought an 03 banshee last summer and I am looking for some aftermarket parts!!!! Willing to pick up in the cenral Minnesota area!, let me know what you have! Thank you
  8. looking to trade my t6 pipes for t5 if any body interested lmk thanks
  9. Selling a set of Toomey T5s. They're in pretty decent shape, one tab was cracked and has been welded. see pictures below. Can send more pictures on request. $250 OBO seller pays shipping. Don't be scared to make an offer, need these gone!
  10. T5's in good condition,1 tab has been welded ,2 small dents, chrome is in good shape,prob could use a good polish, normal discoloration around the elbow i upgraded to shearers im looking to get 300 shipped Paypal or local pickup i can email or text pics of the dents just PM me and ill send them
  11. Chrome toomey 3 series pipes. Good shape , nice chrome. Can't get pictures posted due to size of file. Contact me for pictures. 200$ shipped.... Very willing to trade for another set of pipes !!!!
  12. my hotrods 4 mill 115 long rod crank just came in so im currently in the prosses of putting that in, just waiting on some seals and stuff, but i have a friend thats talking alot of shit and thinks his stock piped and jetted crf450r is the most powerful bike there ever was. and everybody in town is sick of it. so i need to be able to walk all over him on pump gas. im gonna get some v force 4s, adjustable timing plate and a cool head, and i already have T5s. how do you guys think i will do with this set up? let me know if theres anything else i should do or change
  13. I am parting out my 87' Banshee, I decided it was time to sell it off. All prices include shipping, some prices negotiable. Paypal is preferred for payment. PM or E-mail me at e.taylor217@gmail.com with any questions. Rough set of CPI BB in-frames-250 Right hand attach flange cracked inside and out, had it welded once. Left Collector Dented/Chafed in two areas Mid-pipes and silencers are in moderate condition Toomey T-5's in ok condition. Repacked silencers have about 6hrs ride time on them-250 A few blemishes, dents. Toomey Spark Arrestors-115 Ims 4-gallon desert tank with dual pingel. No need to cut front plastic with this one-250 Nology Coil and Plug wires, comes with mounting bracket I made to mount it in the stock location-120 +6 round carrier swingarm, comes with chain, chain guides, and brake line- 260 Roundhouse Carrier-125 Stellar +2 +1 J-arms built for YFZ shocks, 10hrs ride time, I can include the hubs if wanted or i can break down, comes with extended dual brake lines-400 G-Force Extended rear axle-140 HLS Elite Series YFZ Shocks-350 PWK 35mm Airstrikers, comes with full compliment of jets-200 Picture doesn't show them but caps, slides and throttle cable are included. Exhaust Hangers and Cascade clamps-Make offer
  14. installed a set of brand new toomey t5s a few days ago and had it jetted nice and everything and it was working awesome and pullin hard, but today it was workin like crap from the second i had started it. it has trouble opening up unless i clutch it and in 5th and sixth gear i cant get it to open up at all. today was raining and pretty damp if that might make a difference. tried new plugs even though it was running on two cylinders. stock except for t5s, uni filter and no air box lid. never checked compression yet but was working 100% when i parked it.
  15. fresh rebuild on my o4 banshee, had got it trail ported while i had it apart, other than that still fully stock. i am wondering what pipe i want. im looking for the best sound and performance. was kind of thinking eiather toomey t5s or dmc 916. im also putting in v force 3 reeds and removing the air box lid and some time down the road was planning on milling my head. let me know what you guys think.
  16. Toomey t-6 pipes with silencers, right pipe has dent. willing to pull dent and put small bead of weld on it or you can take as is. Prefer to trade for DMC 916's but may sell if price is right
  17. a.diercks

    WTB DMC 916's

    Looking for a good used set of DMC 916 pipes and silencers. PM me or Post photos of pipes. Willing to trade Toomey T6 pipes or outright buy DMC's. Thanks
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