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  1. Turned out to be a faulty CDI . Pulled the whole harness apart to find nothing. Decided to go with a SOUTH TEXAS BANSHEE drag cut harness to simplify things. I was also able to purchase “what I think” was the last new RevMax Performance CDI . I have this cdi on my 97 that built 100% by Duncan. If they trust it, I trust it!
  2. Good call on the adaptor! Going to order that now. Will keep you posted!
  3. @375hp banshees the one from my 97 is not campanile with the plugs on my 96. Do you know anywhere I can get a new oem CDI,? I’m afraid of buying used and having another busted one. Do you trust any aftermarket ones??
  4. I’m not sure if this topic has been brought up in the past but……..intermittent CDI?! is this a thing? I have intermittent spark . Everything tests within spec (stator,coil,plugs) pick up gap is set, whole harness has been rung out and cross run. All my grounds are dialed in. Opened up full harness to inspect, nothing fu*ky. Kill switch and key both jumped out. bike runs like a monster then doesn’t want to start, no spark on either side . Push it into the garage and get to in a few weeks and fires right up second kick. Pull the plugs, strong spark. Ride it around the block a few times, run the carbs dry . Let it sit for 15 mins, try to start, no spark. side note: No tors or parking brake. Headlights are also independent from harness.
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