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  1. Thank you! Like everything on this bike it’s about a nut hair of clearance. So many hours of cutting those in pieces and massaging together then chasing clearance elsewhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Haha negative. I’m hoping the gold becomes an accent and ties in with the other colors. I didn’t intend gawdy, just a touch of different. Engine internals will be behind black chrome and in the background. Last thing I need is a full billet polished build again. Still have to polish the wife’s show quad, damnit
  3. anyone know why the other pictures dissapeared in the original posts? I have been using Facebook URL's from my albums there. Thanks
  4. Getting weird in the garage! hope I can pull the colors together without being to odd: Huge delays in parts and service but that's nothing new. Might be on track again....
  5. Pro mod Pro mod makes trans stronger? How would removing every other dog ear be stronger?
  6. I am sure he has, not really the point being made. Cam does have my driveline currently and urged 35mm plus to be more precise. He also put 35’s on my last serval. But anyway...
  7. I have the same engine and reeds but larger pipes. I too got the answer from them about not being able to tune for 28's. I've been down the road of 35's and know for my riding area I need the fuel economy and I like the lower power. I settled on 33's taking his advice in consideration. There are plenty of folks running 28's, tuned in well and they are happy. I sometimes get buyer remorse and wish I would have stuck with 28's. Opinions are like kittens, everyone giving them away, myself included. Cam at Redline will shake his head if you want any smaller than 35mm. Whats his name who builds CPI pipes and dynos thousands with an AFR swears you'll never be tuned right without Mikunis 🤮. Rock the 28's if you got em!
  8. The 250r was fun to look at but didn't have that Banshee excitement. I'm over that. New build coming along slowly as parts arrive: The black chrome looks very different in different lights. The gold dust in the red really sparkles. Maybe see some gold this week, some recoated shocks next week and who the heck knows on the engine.
  9. Made a little progress but at a stand still until more powder comes back.
  10. I’ll keep dropping pictures here. Probly 2 months slow build as pieces trickle in from here and there. Got the stem, bars and throttle/carbs together tonight. Most Powder coat delayed till next week now. Always something.
  11. Last 88 was a 330 (4 mil). 363 was interesting. I had him do the LA sleeve and port the stocker till it finally cracked. Always after the low end power too. I love the PT mids, have em on my wife’s 4 mil stock cyl, very linear and pull from the bottom. They don’t support the higher HP though. Get yourself a serval or super serval and be forever spoiled! TRX would be preferential for dirt but sand begs for a bit more.
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